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Taking a Break

I was working hard towards designing a new website for a friend, organising a meet up group for other Word Press /website developers and having to deal with a lot of technical problems that were a bit over my head. I was backtracking, going over and over the same problems, thinking I have sorted them out only to find out I haven’t.

There was a lot to explore and some of it suddenly seemed too much, without much site of a reward for the amount of work I was going to be doing.  I originally published this on 1st of November 2014 but due to technical problems I’m doing it again. Time (lack of it) and decision-making seems to have been another theme of October. Having had a late summer holiday in Palma and so busy since coming back, I haven’t had the time to go on a proper walk. This blog was started with the intention of me writing about walks I was going on.

When all else fails, take a break

Beach in Mallorca

palm trees

Palma /Si! Photo30_34A Photo25_29A Photo33_1A

Si, Si Cate Blanchet Advert in Palma
Si, Si
Cate Blanchet Advert in Palma


Back to Camberwell &  office politics.

Making Changes of any kind takes perserverance, patience and hard work. 

So Until next episode- keep on Keeping on. 

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