Being Spontaneous

  Getting out and where to go next.


Having spent several hours trying to delete robots from my list of contributors (not real people!) They sign in to my site to encourage me to click on their links with the intention that I will then click onto their sites and they get hits! Which helps them in the popularity stats!.To prove my commitment to all things WordPress and to my blog I attended a WordPress meeting on Tuesday evening at New Zealand House. I got some insights from that meeting and am currently exploring some ideas. In the meantime certain features may disappear, or appear, such as follows me on twitter or leave a comment.


I have been out and about quite a bit recently. Spring and good weather helps.I had decided to cycle to the South Bank on what promised to be an extremely polluted day! it was very warm and a grey mist hung over London. I cycled round the back streets and got to Waterloo for 11am and as I sat down I was greeted through a loud microphone (not me personally) but a great massive loud welcome to the festival which was followed by loud drumming and trumpets and people dressed in pink wigs dancing! I had a vague idea of doing some work on my Mac, but gave up on that, & walked over to Covent Garden to get myself a t-shirt, walked back  picked up my bike and cycled back to Brixton.


Blackheath/ Greenwich

Walked down to Greenwich Market where I picked up some great illustrated cards from THE DM Collection wwww.thedmcollection.com and had some lunch.


How mean is time?

How mean is time?


Then a ferry along the Thames down to the Embankment

view from Thames Clipper

view from Thames Clipper

taken from Ferry to Thames

Going home to Brixton from Embankment

Walking over bridge from Embankment heading to Brixton


As it was such a lovely day we carried on & walked back to Brixton from Embankement

The day after I joined up with the Finchley walking group from Highgate to Angel which was about 6 miles.Last Sunday I  walked with the south bank group on a 11 mile walk in the Guildford area.  I don’t write about every single walk. I try ot be a bit selevtive.

May looks to be a promising month, I’m working as a poll clerk in the General Election then  going to Berlin the day after. There is a choice of Walks and a couple of Bank Holidays and many events happening, so  I am going to be spoilt for choice.


This blog is dedicated to karen & thanks for the free drinks at The New Order exhibition atThe Proud Gallery Camden.

As promised I aim to get a blog out by the end of the month.

Until next time see you then

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