Canal / Coast

Canal walk -Maida Vale to Limehouse

Walking along the London Canal starting at Maida Vale, wasn’t exactly what I had in mind  I was originally going to walk with The South Bank Walkers in the Dorking area covering some of the South Downs, but due to my neighbours deciding to hang out in their back garden all night I had a bad sleep and was too groggy in the morning to rush about. Sunday my mate & I headed off for a walk along the canal from Maida Vale to Limehouse.




Regemt Camal starting at Maida Vale, finishing at Limehouse

Regent Canal
starting at Maida Vale, finishing at Limehouse


We ended walking up over 9 miles , so not bad for a Sunday stroll and the sun was shining all day, it was great to feel the sun.

My impressions of this walk were  :

Firstly- Walking past Regents park we walked past a Bird Aviary where a very sad-looking Pelican/Stork/Heron type bird  (I”m not sure what type of bird exactly) but it had  very long legs, and a long beak, it stared out through the fence which was facing towards the canal  looking very sad.  It depresses me to see beautiful birds with clipped wings locked in.

I’m not in the habit of visiting zoos but when I visited Berlin a couple of years ago for the first time, we had a couple of hours to spare on a Sunday and visited the Zoo.It was so sad to see a massive Gorilla looking seriously sad and depressed, I’m a massive animal lover and only just getting over my beloved cats passing away just over a year ago. R.I.P Tinker and Squidgy 

Back to my observations about the Canal walk. I have to say it was too narrow and there were too many joggers/ too many cyclists/too many people generally; particularly as we got to what is now trendy Hackney.

Kings Cross is also having a make over and the joggers still jogged (thud -thud ) over a bouncy type bridge around kings Cross.This had the effect of us humble walkers hanging on to the rails for dear life. Why can’t the joggers just go to the park!? Annoying people.


Back Down the coast (Seasalter to Whitstable)

This last weekend we walked about 7 and a half mile walk from Sea Salter to Whitstable and back and a bit of walking around Whitstable, popped into a micro pub called  Handsome Sam where we had a half of blonde beer and very nice it was too.The town is charming and we were given flyers to a forthcoming play Anne Frank.

 I think it’s dooable to go down for an evening on a Saturday and get the last train back to London .Get down there late afternoon  for something to eat and a few beers, (loads of pubs) see a play and get a train back to Victoria and be back in time for midnight so thats something to possibly look forward to.

I gave the South Bank Walk a miss again this Saturday

Drizzly- Grey – and Cold with a load to catch up on at home,  so that’s it for now.

Not sure when the next ramble will be. There is one around the 21st of March which I might try and do and then going to Newcastle the Friday after that,where I will have a little walk along the coast at some point during my very short vist.

Adios. ramble on!