Dirty Boots

Dirty Boots

My dirty walking boots have been sitting outside my flat door since November. At the beginning of this month I visited South Shields and Newcastle and did a little bit of walking about but not proper rambling walks as such. It’s more to do with being too busy than any lack of enthusiasm. But admittedly I’m not that keen on wet muddy walks!

These pics were taking weekend of 4/12/2015. Walking on the beach was so lovely.

Also managed to get a little walk from Seasalter to Whitstable and back, the day after Boxing day. A little Browse around the town and a couple of drinks in Handsome Sams Bar- a micro pub based in Whitstable.




South Shields December 2015

South Shields December 2015


fireworks at South Shields

Fireworks at South Shields


Fireworks South Shields

Fireworks South Shields Great firework display  followed by a great night out in Newcastle . We saw a a London based band called The Fallen leaves. Track for ya, below.

 Take a walk in their shoes

At least I have a choice about going out for an eight mile walk. Spare a thought for those who have walked thousands of miles trying to escape war and conflict,an interactive website set up by channel 4 shows the routes taken and choices available. It’s bleak but real. The scale of the humanitarian disaster is something that cannot be ignored.

I have always liked christmas but at the same time I have always felt a bit unhappy at christmas. I think this stemmed from childhood and always feeling there was someone missing from my childhood which was my dad and his family. That in itself made me feel sad and it wasn’t a feeling that I felt I could share. So I do feel sympathy for people suffering alone or being out in the cold, especially at this time of year.

Planning walks & looking forward!

I have a planned walking weekend In Derbyshire in the spring that is with the new Meet -Up group I joined up with earlier this year. I will also be leading my walk again in June next year which will be Newhaven to East Dean via the Seven Sisters Sussex.

I do want to learn some new walks and need to look into that next year. There is now a buddy list in my walking group, so perhaps I can team up with some others to learn some new tricks.

Face Book

Well I have finally succumbed to rejoining Facebook. I have reactivated my account which is under my then pseudo name Julie Jameson. That person was my alter ego or something like that, she is from another era, but seemingly resurfaced. I don’t seem to be able to erase my account completely without writing  a letter to Facebook explaining myself! and then having to wait for approval , so for the time being she holds the reins.

As well though I have created a page just for this blog, and if I have done things correctly, this should appear on my Facebook page when I publish it as it does on twitter.

Ok folks.

RIP Lemmy…

Until then


keep it real!

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