Getting Organised


Walking is good 

Although  I have been out there! I haven’t done a proper walk with a group since November. I’m looking into getting something together real soon. I have done a couple of random walks like walking to The South-Bank from Brixton, if you add up the bits coming back, walking to a bus stop and from a bus stop, this clocks about 6 miles. I love this walk, especially at dusk. It’s really interesting seeing all the developments and changes. I also love to go off a bit down a road I’ve never walked before and get a bit lost. I know the area well so will never get completely lost .

It’s fine, it’s good it’s groovy, it’s just real dandy.


Things to do. Places to go. People to Meet.


Sights seen walking at Dusk from Brixton via Kennington towards The Southbank

Sights seen walking at Dusk from Brixton via Kennington towards The Southbank

The Old Cricketers pub soon to be demolished. I think it was the late eighties early nineties last time I went there. Rat Scabies from Punk, band ‘The Damned ‘was playing  a gig there. I also saw The Glitter Band without Gary.!


Walking at Dusk towards the Southbank. Kennington in the evening light.

Walking at Dusk towards the Southbank. Kennington in the evening light.


I walk about, I take pictures, I blog it.


I used to work at this Library in Lambeth, as you can see it is now Part Job-Shop. Libraries are under threat under this Government.

I walk I write I take pictures

The old Library at The Cut Waterloo.

Developing my Blog, looking for new walks


I recently went on a Guardian masterclass about how to write a successful blog Although I have been writing this a good few years and learned how to do it on my own, it was interesting to hear two professional Bloggers tell their story. Coming away from that I felt a bit more inspired to carry on with the blog as I was having my doubts.

Like anything in life, things get tired. My blog needs a new direction. Not just the format and new walks to write about, but a purpose and it needs to be out there being read.

Some say publishing a blog once a month isn’t enough. That’s true if you want to make a living out of it, but realistically I’m not in a position to leave a job and work as a freelance Blogger. So please subscribe to my blog, just need to put in your email address on the right hand side of the blog post.

Let people know if you think they may be interested.


Photography on my blog


Generally these days I use my I phone and on occasions my 35 mm camera. Having tried to find a photograph in a hurry to put onto my new Face Book  Page I found that I had acquired over 1,500 photos. Photography is probably the second most important feature of a blog next to writing and maintaining it. I haven’t got time to spend looking through duplicate copies of endless photos taken in 2003. A critic I met at a Word -Press Meet Up group highlighted the importance of photographs being the right size for publishing. I know there are some rules on this and have sort of ignored it. I am aware of it but not quite sure about sizing things up.

On the whole I get good comments on my photographs. I guess some kind of photography course is on the cards.

In the meantime I’m just a happy snapper.!

Getting organised is essential. Have made some enquiries and found a few different walking groups out there I  am making a very concise effort to organise all my documents and dates of walks and events in I calendar and developing various folders. This coincides with a similar task in my real job, where I have a ridiculous amount of folders, it seems no matter how many I create I still have a massive workload and no amount of folders is going to change that!



Thankfully organising my own work at home is a lot more satisfying and not as daunting.


Marching on


Today I’m having a bit of a walk from The Imperial War Museum off to Downing Street to join a protest about The Housing Bill. I haven’t gone on any public walk/demo like this for years. I feel as if i need to join in and be counted. If it hadn’t been for Brixton Housing Coop, I’ve no idea how I could have survived living in London. I could write a book about my life in London and not having anywhere to live- but for now I’m just going out to show my support.


Start from Imperial War Museum 12pm (Kennington Rd/Lambeth Rd SE1 6HZ) – March to Cameron’s publicly funded home in Downing Street for 2pm.


The Housing Bill marks the end of social housing:

The end of secure lifetime tenancies. Council tenancies will be for 2 to 5 years with no right to pass it on to your children.Landlords will have access to tenant’s personal income.




Until next time




See my Up and coming walks page for further info about walks