People you can’t live with them you can’t live without them

PeopleYou can’t live with them you can’t live without them.

Take a walk on the wild side


Carrying on with the review of Cherly Strayed the author of Wild, I like to  share some of her trials and errors while hiking and walking the PCT trail.

You either pay or you leave.

Whilst hitching a lift on a slight detour from The PCT route a campsite  exists, she reckons a free nights camping is on the cards, before getting back on track. It is dark late at night, & she hasn’t any money her much longed for  parcel hadn’t arrived at the last drop off post.

At times like this you can only hope for human kindness. Unfortunately she comes across a mean couple who were monitoring the grounds  and wouldn’t let her have a free pitch up for the  night – despite it being a virtually empty campsite.

Now this would not have made one ounce of difference to them, would it? if a woman alone is hiking you would think they would have at least  some comprehension of her plight.  They could have made some sort of deal, – you know, wash the dishes! . send us a cheque later on etc etc. There you go, even in these type of places you get Mr and Mrs Jobsworth, where a rule is a rule is a rule mam, and don’t you forget it.

Cheryl strayed is nothing if not resilient. She survives and moves on in the dark fumbling about. It only proves her strength of character. At a further  point walking she meets 2 ‘bow ‘hunters’ i.e dehydrated  dumb asses!  (expecting to be ok in the heat with a few cans of Pepsi!.) They were asking her for water. She does the filter trick for them for them using their Pepsi cans , she puts the muddy water (the wells are dry and they have been walking for some 20 odd miles in intense heat) into it then the iodine pills, this process takes about 30 minutes to filter and turn into something drinkable.

Although grateful, they were like  typical rednecks leering at her and making suggestive comments about her being out there alone and how they wouldn’t let the girlfriend do that.!? She did get a bit scared at this point, thinking the obvious that she could get raped. She made her excuses saying she was going to hike a bit further but was exhausted and wanted to sleep.She didn’t even get to put her tent up but lay out on her tarp and the two men later came over and said “I thought you were moving on you tricked us, you changed your clothes I like your pants.. etc..She philosophically concluded that they were just creepy, horny not nice men and eventually left, she shoved her tent in bag turned off stove put on the monster (her massive rucksack) walked then ran…..

Her bravery has captured the likes of Oprah Winfrey and her story is going to be made into a movie . Reading this inspired me,I am still struggling to understand  the vastness of the U.S.A wilderness and comprehend maps.!

I must admit as I was trying to figure out the actual distances on google maps , I ended up somewhere around Alaska where there is a places named Desolate Bay! (sounds like a Bob Dylan song!)  It was scary just seeing it and I instantly felt frozen.

It’s a scary world at times. Keeping motivated is half the battle. She did meet some good people along the way and overall I would say her journey was extremely beneficial I think we could all do with that sort of break.

Luckily she meets a few more hippy types and comes across a driver with a sticker on his car stating.“Imagine whirled peas “A car sticker that states “Imagine whirled peas!.  Has there ever been a serial killer who imagined whirled peas?

Later on she comes across a few Mexicans who see her as a nature warrior, a swiss woman who wants to massage her feet in peppermint oil and sees her as some kind of spiritual pilgrim & tells her“the spirits told me to massage your feet”!!!!

Some people can be life savers! others can wish you hadn’t been born.

I am looking forward to getting dirty boots again.! In the meantime I’m looking for a winter walk as I haven’t been on a proper ramble walk for a long time now.

In the meantime…

 This is a 30 minute documentary on the same trail

Until next time Keep walking…..

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