People you can’t live with them you can’t live without them

PeopleYou can’t live with them you can’t live without them.

Take a walk on the wild side


Carrying on with the review of Cherly Strayed the author of Wild, I like to  share some of her trials and errors while hiking and walking the PCT trail.

You either pay or you leave.

Whilst hitching a lift on a slight detour from The PCT route a campsite  exists, she reckons a free nights camping is on the cards, before getting back on track. It is dark late at night, & she hasn’t any money her much longed for  parcel hadn’t arrived at the last drop off post.

At times like this you can only hope for human kindness. Unfortunately she comes across a mean couple who were monitoring the grounds  and wouldn’t let her have a free pitch up for the  night – despite it being a virtually empty campsite.

Now this would not have made one ounce of difference to them, would it? if a woman alone is hiking you would think they would have at least  some comprehension of her plight.  They could have made some sort of deal, – you know, wash the dishes! . send us a cheque later on etc etc. There you go, even in these type of places you get Mr and Mrs Jobsworth, where a rule is a rule is a rule mam, and don’t you forget it.

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Cherlyl Strayed Wild

Cheryl Strayed -Wild



A daunting ordeal

Cheryl Strayed’s book is a great read for anyone interested in travel.

A continuous wilderness trail stretching from the Mexican Border in California to just beyond the Canadian Border along the crest of Nine Mountain range. Turning her idea into a reality She Started at a Motel a dozen mile from the start of Pacific Crest Trial trial with a newly required rucksack with everything in it apart from the kitchen sink, naming it Monster which is aptly described.A sizable burden far outweighing that of her contemporary males she met up with at various stop of points.

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