Northward bound

South Shields

my birthplace


We had a great 5-6 mile walk along the cliff tops. I guess we take  our heritage for granted, but having spent some of my childhood there & later teenage years, I spent little time walking along the beach.The coastal area is maintained by the National Trust and although the area has been damaged to some extent by previous recessions it is resilient.

Souter Lighthouse to South Shields walk graphic

Craster in Northumberland

Further up the coastline we visited Craster in Northumberland by which time it had started raining  fiercely and we got a bit frightened off by the massive herd of cows who seemed intent on blocking our path at the gate that led to Dunstanburgh Castle. The photo of the cows doesn’t quite do it justice, but it was funny They were grazing down by the rocks and when they saw us coming they all ran towards the gate! I didn’t have the nerve to just walk through them! City Dwellers at heart.
These cows were actually galloping!


You can just about make Dunstanburgh Castle in the background, but Being soaked through after walking about a half a mile we walked back and  sat under shelter and enjoyed the local craster kipper in a bun! I need to spend more time in Northumberland and make at least a week of it.

kippers at Craster
Craster fishing village in the rain
Craster fishing village in the rain

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