I can’t explain my feet comes full circle!

The Best of 20162017


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FEBRUARY 2016 ‘STATES OF MIND- Lack of housing in London,walking from Kennington to Downing Street & a visit to the Wellcome Institute

APRIL 2016 A WEEKEND with the UK Explorers’,taking time out to meet a new group.


 The Eden Project  I would like to dedicate this post to my friend from Cornwall. Keith Richards who passed away unexpectedly w/end of July 28th 2017. The last time I saw him was at this gig.

Let England Shake  PJ HARVEY

I met Keith in London in the early 80’s both of us were on some Government Back to Work Scheme; He was learning accountancy and I was learning Industrial sewing; neither of us continued in these trades, but we became friends as we had a shared interest in bands like The Fall and The Damned!  He had a good sense of humour & an appreciation of the ‘Dark Side’, When he moved back to Cornwall he kindly put me up on my many visits. He gave me the opportunity to really get to know Cornwall.

I loved walking around Landsend, Sennen Cove and Penzance area. His brother-in-law managed the stunning Minack Theatre.

  Keith was a real fun guy unfortunately Chron’s disease finally got him. RIP Keith.



I managed to persuade a South Bank member ( who I had made friends with some years ago ) get up early on a Saturday morning and head to Lewes for a walk to Glynde it was snowing & freezing.( I wonder why I haven’t heard from her since!)

MARCH 2017

Spent a bit of time around Lewes /Berwick/ Glynde area trying to get to know it better.  I am now loaded with real maps and online maps and better prepared than ever, the only thing lacking is time.

April 2017

Taking a breather. Back in my home town again.. Great pics. A brief reunion with very old friend in Newcastle. We will meet again New Year’s Eve.

Then a lot of walking along coast of South Shields and in Newcastle.

May 2017

As I have done for the last 4 years My old familiar walk along the Seven Sisters from Seaford I have been leading every year. I do  love this walk and will continue to do this or a variation of this every year but I want to add a couple of more routes to my repertoire. I will get down to the Kent/Sussex Coast in the Autumn before the year is through. I need to try the Rye- Hastings route.


I’m going to NYC in September and haven’t visited there since 1986, at that time I stayed in Harlem for a month,the hostel cost me $3 a night, it was the best time ever I loved it.

This time I’m sharing the experience & staying at The Jane near the ‘meatpacking’ industry and I’m prepared to have my eyes opened again. I will be doing a lot of walking.

NYC should be a good jumping off point in terms of looking at the bigger picture and making long sought after changes.

Until then

keep on keeping on.




I can’t explain my feet turns five!

I can‘t explain my feet  2012- 2017

I can’t explain my feet was created & designed by myself in July 2012. To celebrate I will select some favourites throughout the summer months.I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing, learning, and getting out and about walking. Just select date from archives on right hand side bar.


July 2012  Shoes and Boots My first ever blog.

August 2012  The Charlston Farmhouse Experience ( my first experience with a walking group)

September 2012 Rye- Hastings (my favourite walk)

October 2012 Thinking about walking thinking about writing. Newcastle, Seaford/Glynde. Black n White pics.

December 2012 London life/Music Machine (music is never far away from my thoughts)


1979 you could smoke on tube- All night!!

Looking back & Looking forward

I know when I first started this blog I was very excited. As I progressed and learnt about using Word Press, I joined a Word Press meet up group them formed a meet up group, I learned about different host providers, & about all the aspects of publishing on-line. It has since become a part of my life. Finding a walk, going out taking pictures- then writing about it & publishing it.

Any feedback is appreciated.  At the moment though I need to get off the treadmill, take a step back and see what’s next.  Continue reading


Building Bridges/Burning Bridges?

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R  2 0 1 7

My blogs are changing all the time some are full of stories- others are brief and to the point. Well- It’s the end of the year, and as tempting as it is to do a re-run/replay, I think the verdict is still out.  What direction I’m taking? Who knows.

Life may appear to be steady, but in reality is far from it. A big change is well overdue. I have plans in motion and circumstances will change, but unlikely to be at the strike of Midnight on New Years Eve. Oh, if only Cinderella!

I have been writing this blog since 2011 and those of you who know me may understand, that I have a lot of creative ideas I want to explore. Having made a start with various studies and projects, it is a  matter of keeping at it & finding the enthusiasm to carry on. Walking is a big help, it’s a great way to think, unwind and get out in the fresh air.

There are still hundreds of new walks to be discovered and further adventures to be had in 2017. I will be sending out a little Newsletter to some old friends, new acquaintances and others inviting you all to subscribe/comment on my blog. Plans to create a new website in 2017 with different types of writing is on the cards, so let’s see how it all pans out.

In the meantime,  here are a couple of walks done in December.


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I Can’t Explain 2015!

First walk of the year Wimbledon to Richmond

January sick and tired of you hanging round me – You make me sad with your eyes your telling me lies, Don’t go.Don’t go!” ( Pilot ) –

Anyone who was a teenager of the 70’s would remember that song. I never quite got it. He obviously hates January and January is also a deceitful woman.!  But he doesn’t want her/it to go!

It is finally 31.01.2015 and at the very last moment I have managed to get my 1st blog of the year together. I’m not saying there weren’t any lessons to be learnt in January, unfortunately most of them were a bit harsh and difficult. So here goes to the rest of 2015 -Dare I say improving?

Wimbledon Park


A brisk Winter Walk, I did spot a group of Deers but they were so well hidden among the fauna they cannot be detected in the photograph, so it wasn’t worth publishing. It’s tricky getting good photographs in the winter light.

Houseboats Richmond


Nice enough I thought  but decided to carry on alone a  bit further, I left the group  at Richmond and walked keenly towards Kew Gardens.  Forgetting that the sign post that said a quarter of a mile was not to Kew Bridge, but a smaller bridge, Kew Harbour. Another 2 miles to go it was getting dark and very cold. I needed the cold walk to blow the cobwebs away.  I got to Kew Bridge at dusk and spotted the sign for Kew Gardens railway station &, walking into what looked like a bit of a cul de- sac, I asked directions, having spotted a local with a wheelbarrow, who told me ,I wouldn’t be the first to be asking the same question! Yes you could get there but it certainly was not a direct route . At this point I wanted to get home, just to emphasize dear readers, know your limits when walking… if you do deviate try and remember especially in winter. It gets dark and cold even in London and that means hanging about waiting for buses and trains. It goes without saying that in the winter you aim to finish the walk and get to somewhere before dusk where you can get a nice drink and something to eat.


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Ammendment is my middle name!

Taking a Break

I was working hard towards designing a new website for a friend, organising a meet up group for other Word Press /website developers and having to deal with a lot of technical problems that were a bit over my head. I was backtracking, going over and over the same problems, thinking I have sorted them out only to find out I haven’t.

There was a lot to explore and some of it suddenly seemed too much, without much site of a reward for the amount of work I was going to be doing.  I originally published this on 1st of November 2014 but due to technical problems I’m doing it again. Time (lack of it) and decision-making seems to have been another theme of October. Having had a late summer holiday in Palma and so busy since coming back, I haven’t had the time to go on a proper walk. This blog was started with the intention of me writing about walks I was going on.

When all else fails, take a break

Beach in Mallorca

palm trees

Palma /Si! Photo30_34A Photo25_29A Photo33_1A

Si, Si Cate Blanchet Advert in Palma

Si, Si
Cate Blanchet Advert in Palma


Back to Camberwell &  office politics.

Making Changes of any kind takes perserverance, patience and hard work. 

So Until next episode- keep on Keeping on.