Follow The Leader!


Some are born to led – some to follow. 

The Ups and Downs of the Seven Sisters

East Dean to Seaford Ordnance Survey Map


I prefer to think I’m of the first group but what if you don’t want a group of followers! ha ha. I’m only joking. The walk went well and I led 11 people on my favourite walk from East Dean to Seaford. I didn’t have time to take pictures on this occasion, but here is the route on the ordnance survey map with details of the walk that I led. It’s about 8 miles and takes 3-4 hours depending on the pace.

I seriously would like to do a lot more walking around the Sussex area and spend a few days down there as going there just for a day is a bit of a trek. 2 hours from London.  I did slightly wander off course  from the exact  written walk a couple of times but it wasn’t anything too noticeable., a slight deviation but still heading in the right direction.

It is harder to walk with people following though as you have to keep stopping and waiting for them as some tend to lag behind. I had advertised it as  a leisurely walk and was told that it was by no means leisurely and that they would describe it as moderate to brisk. I was trying to stop a couple of guys taking over so was keeping pace with them and as a leader I had to stay in front so I had to step up a pace. If I had been walking it with a friend just ambling along at my own pace and chatting; I dare say it would have been more leisurely.! It only rained slightly and overall everyone was extremely appreciative with the stunning views of the Seven Sisters and loved my map with route directions.

Ok now, I’m still dealing with the post operation and although it doesn’t have any impact on my walking , working in a busy appointments centre with a phone to my ear all day is a different story. I’m waiting for my appointment with Occupational Health before getting the go ahead to go back.

In the meantime I have been trying to keep busy and am writing a review of a book called WILD by Cheryl Strayed. At present it’s about 2000 words long and I’m trying to edit it as best as I can, but it’s a 1100 mile walk so quite difficult. As I’m going along I’m learning  a bit about the American Landscape from Mexico to the border of Canada near Oregon. It is good for my map reading skills.

It’s quite time-consuming but I have had a lot of time on my hands lately. I may very well blog it part 1 & 2.

Until then keep on keeping on.