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In my last Post I published a poem about walking it may not  be to everybody’s taste but I thought it wasn’t a bad as poems go. If I was an editor I would change the odd word here and there, but on the whole I thought it captured the essence of walking .

It’s been a bit of a This and that kind of month, neither-Here nor There and a bit of reckoning with What’s What, If you get my drift! I can only hope that some of the avenues that I have been pursuing will make some sort of sense eventually.I’m writing a book review and preparing to train as a Union Rep in the hospital where I work, among other things! So preoccupied with work on the whole and not getting out on many walks.

Have been on a couple of walks that were not that inspiring (not far enough out of London) The first one being a moderate paced walk from Riddlesdown to Kenley going through a couple of small woods , this was in April and spring had not yet sprung.

The next walk of a similiar length  was May Day Bank Holiday an easy paced walk . After taking a train from Waterloo to  Horsely where a group of 45  met up and walked through Greatlee Wood and Oldands wood arriving at  The old Poor House Ranmore Where we enjoyed the first real sunny day of the year and had a relaxing tea break. It was nice enough but I didn’t feel like I had a good stretch,the group was too big, which almost slowed the walk  to a grinding halt on more than one occasion. Part of my reason for joining a walking group is to get fit as well as learn about places I don’t know, but this was too slow and not interesting enough.

I’m going to Berlin this weekend and after that on June 1st  will be going on the Gillingham to Rocherster walk again ending at the yearly Dickens festival. I wouldn’t normally repeat a walk but I’m introducing a member from another group and this time intend to hang about after the walk and  enjoy a few drinks at the actual festival.

Later in June I will be making sure I know off by heart the Seven Sisters Walk which I will be leading in September. I want to be able to map that one and get the train timetables length of walk etc sorted out .I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t really walked as much as I would like to and am still looking for inspiration. I feel the group that I walk with has a handful of walks and it is now becoming familiar with me. So let’s see if we get some good weather and I can get in a few coastal walks of my own making during the Summer weekends.


Oh and Hey!


RIP -Ray Manzarek  A good man a great musician

Well- All good things must come to an end!





I promise lots of photos maps details next blog…..x