I can’t explain my feet turns five!

I can‘t explain my feet  2012- 2017

I can’t explain my feet was created & designed by myself in July 2012. To celebrate I will select some favourites throughout the summer months.I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing, learning, and getting out and about walking. Just select date from archives on right hand side bar.


July 2012  Shoes and Boots My first ever blog.

August 2012  The Charlston Farmhouse Experience ( my first experience with a walking group)

September 2012 Rye- Hastings (my favourite walk)

October 2012 Thinking about walking thinking about writing. Newcastle, Seaford/Glynde. Black n White pics.

December 2012 London life/Music Machine (music is never far away from my thoughts)


1979 you could smoke on tube- All night!!

Looking back & Looking forward

I know when I first started this blog I was very excited. As I progressed and learnt about using Word Press, I joined a Word Press meet up group them formed a meet up group, I learned about different host providers, & about all the aspects of publishing on-line. It has since become a part of my life. Finding a walk, going out taking pictures- then writing about it & publishing it.

Any feedback is appreciated.  At the moment though I need to get off the treadmill, take a step back and see what’s next.  Continue reading


Meet up groups

Meet up Groups

I have been to a  couple of Meet Up groups lately.

    *  WordPress *

Without WordPress I would not have this Blog. I joined their User Group in New Zealand House Haymarket, where they have hired rooms The group Westminster Hub,is provided by sponsors WP Engine.

I had suggested we do a sort of speed dating session, with the aim to find out what people want to get from the group.  Eugene was hosting his final night, so this was a good as time as any. It went very well and I felt I had made a contribution to the group. I made my pitch which is that I’m at a crossroads regarding where I’m going with the blog/writing Web Design ideas. I learned a lot about my aims as well as WordPress and Web Developing than I have in a very long time. A good session was had by all, but where now?

I do still want to go out on  walks but the writing about walking can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore and I have other ambitions to pursue.  It is a personal choice as to how to migrate my blog to a free platform and have little control over the layout or to continue paying for a hosting service. After a lot of churning and thinking I settled at keeping my site hosted by SITE GROUND It’s convenient. A good outcome from that group.

Black White background or White Background ?

Thinking about design

At the WordPress Meet Up group I had some constructive criticism from one of the Web Developers who seemed to think the black background wasn’t good!   I have since changed my theme so that is no longer an issue. I chose a design that wasn’t black or white.!

Back to my walking, my latest trip was with the Explorer Uk Group.

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