Meet up groups

Meet up Groups

I have been to a  couple of Meet Up groups lately.

    *  WordPress *

Without WordPress I would not have this Blog. I joined their User Group in New Zealand House Haymarket, where they have hired rooms The group Westminster Hub,is provided by sponsors WP Engine.

I had suggested we do a sort of speed dating session, with the aim to find out what people want to get from the group.  Eugene was hosting his final night, so this was a good as time as any. It went very well and I felt I had made a contribution to the group. I made my pitch which is that I’m at a crossroads regarding where I’m going with the blog/writing Web Design ideas. I learned a lot about my aims as well as WordPress and Web Developing than I have in a very long time. A good session was had by all, but where now?

I do still want to go out on  walks but the writing about walking can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore and I have other ambitions to pursue.  It is a personal choice as to how to migrate my blog to a free platform and have little control over the layout or to continue paying for a hosting service. After a lot of churning and thinking I settled at keeping my site hosted by SITE GROUND It’s convenient. A good outcome from that group.

Black White background or White Background ?

Thinking about design

At the WordPress Meet Up group I had some constructive criticism from one of the Web Developers who seemed to think the black background wasn’t good!   I have since changed my theme so that is no longer an issue. I chose a design that wasn’t black or white.!

Back to my walking, my latest trip was with the Explorer Uk Group.

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