Happy Birthday I can’t explain my Feet -Best posts 2014-2015

Best Walks of 20142015

 As promised this month it is the best walk/blogs of 2014-2015. It’s difficult to pick the best walks, or the best blogs;or even the best pictures, but did manage to select a few.  All walks are archived, so can be accessed by month and date on the right hand side.

My favourites of 2014

February 2014 Westgate to Margate…

A familiar stroll – See archives for more stories and pictures.



May 2014 Urban Landscape

One of my favourite off the cuff walks.

The entrance to the Wharf has a varied display of street art, sculpture & murals.
A musical tide chimer….

July 2014 Photography in Posts

Walking the cliffs of Dover.

Wild flowers on cliff top Dover

Photography is another tricky art form, depending on what camera you use will determine whether you can size them up all the same. After a lot of experimenting with different cameras, I realised the convenience of an I phone is sufficient but a portable recharger and an old I Phone is needed. One phone just for pictures the other for maps on very long walks. Occasionally I like to use a 35 mm camera. 


Rolling rollin rollin
Bales of Hay in Sussex


Thorney Island

Thorny Island looking out to sea


Broken up at sea…


My favourites of 2015

Rambling on is a way of describing someone who is talking a lot from one subject to the next, not necessarily coherently, or accurately but often; hopefully entertaining.

March 2015 Mad as the Mist and Snow 

Is one of my favourite blogs, I am writing about what I like and not just a description of a walk I have been on. Although in the main most of the blogs are about walks, my rambles can include anything along the way.  I can ramble on or go for a ramble. Two bonus audio tracks included in this one.

April Oh April

I love these photos taken at Peckham Rye Station with a 33 mm camera, they look picturesque.  I just love open spaces and railway lines.  April is always a good time to get out walking .

April  2015, spent a lot of time walking about London along the river. I have some of the best days doing this.


Greenwich meantime clock

Keeping an eye on the time walking from Blackheath to Greenwich


July 2015 -Cudham Circular

Watch your head!

A great day of surprises,including this bird of prey we encountered en-route. We then visited a fantastic a wild garden, opened for public viewing. Well worth reading about. An inspirational garden, meeting the owners was a real bonus. Walk led by Judith Robertson.

August 2015 Berwick to Seaford

 A day of fantastic weather.


May, June & July are great for walking .

It can get a bit hot- so watch out for that, walking in the outdoors, & getting dehydrated. No shops here.!


September 2015 A perfect day

Walking from Chesham to Missenden. 




October 2015 Belfast

I had lived in Galway and travelled quite a bit in The Republic of Ireland. I did a degree in Humanities as a mature student and chose Irish Studies as my main subject.

Up until October 2015  I had never visited Belfast and thought it was about time I did. I cried on the tour bus going through the Sectarian area of West Belfast in the Falls Road area. See October 2015 archives for full article.

The Flag is everywhere in Belfast.


People travel from afar to see The Giants Causeway County Antrim


November 2015 Meet Up Groups

I was  connecting with meet up Groups, including Word Press who have given me this platform to design and write my monthly blog. Fantastic tool, & inspiring creative people. Also teamed up with UK Explorer a new walking group. See blog for further details.

December 2015 Dirty Boots South Shields

 I love visiting the place I was born. I have started re-visiting over the last few years.



Overall in 2014 & 2015,  I went out on a good selection of walks and trips. Next Month is my final Best of series covering the years 2016-2017







Stow on the Wold

 Stow On the Wold Cotswolds 

My recent & first ever weekend away with The south Bank rambler group 

Pubs in Town Square Stow on the Wold

We took a train from Paddington heading towards Stow on the Wold .It’s not far from Oxford so under 2 hours  to get to Morton on Marsh where we caught a 10 min bus ride to Stow on the Wold; 10 of us were sharing a cottage .

Away we go!
Away we go!

At the cost of £70 which included food kitty for breakfast and one evening meal it was a good deal. We had three nights there and two full days for walking. I hadn’t previously given much thought to the Cotswolds area, hadn’t heard of Stow on the wold and no idea where it was exactly. I didn’t bother googling it. My job involves too much staring at a PC. Tired and blurry eyed, a wake up from my winter slumber I stumbled out of bed & reminded myself it was for my own good and go I did.

See the massive feet of the tree.. Awesome..

Tree Trunks at church door Stow on Wold
Tree Trunks at church door Stow on Wold


Sign to Lower Slaughter
Sign to Lower Slaughter


I was taken with The Old Mill at Lower Slaughter  “voted most beautiful village in the Cotswold.

http://oldmill-lowerslaughter.comA shop created by Gerald Harris (well -known Jazz Singer and Crooner) is to create an environment that is a blast from the past,  it’s like walking into a different era, with the music of Ella Fitzgerald and other old jazz  artist playing in the shop..I would have loved to have bought stuff but I wasn’t really prepared for this and didn’t want to be walking for another 4 miles with cast iron door knobs or whatever!

Shop / Museum/ Cafe at Upper Slaughter
Shop / Museum/ Cafe at Upper Slaughter


Current Stock Includes:

Sheepskin Flying Jackets-Wool Caps (Patchwork)- Oil Paintings-Selected Furniture Pieces-Wooden Chopping Boards-(Kitchenalia)-Leather Handbag-,Not to mention!, :Staddle Stones, Books of Interest, Local Walking Books MCotswold Garden Stoneware, and much much —much more…..

view of Upper Slaughter
View of Upper Slaughter


MILL IN LOWER SLAUGHTER amazing shop gallery and village
MILL IN LOWER SLAUGHTER amazing shop gallery and village


Monarch’s Way to Broadwell

On the second day we went along the Monarch’s Way to Broadwell, then via Donnington to Longborough where we stopped for a drink. After that we went south to Upper Swell for lunch, onto Lower Swell and back to Stow

Walking in space!
Walking in space!

A beautiful sunny peaceful day on Sunday. Daffodils in full bloom, sheep grazing peacefully blue sky, lovely.

“It is a designated as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the largest in the country, and its quintessentially English charm predominantly spans the counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, while also reaching into parts of Wiltshire, Somerset, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

Longborough a perfect spring day for a lunch time drink. Beautiful.
Longborough a perfect spring day for a lunch time drink. Beautiful.


Cycling to work every day from Brixton to Camberwell ,I’m used to ambulances and police sirens for company. Usually I go to sleep with the sound of police cars a few blocks away,the occasional helicopter hovering over head in the early hours,and not long after I’m awake there is usually the presence of a siren or two, the planes joining in with the early morning chorus. So I have a fully orchestrated background at all times really ..be it a noisy one.

The desire to escape is strong at times, But—-saying that, it can be extremely disconcerting to be somewhere as quiet as the Cotswold, it was Pre- tourist season. Spring just about to break, and I must admit I felt a bit anxious as I often do in the country away from the din…

After a couple of days I started to relax a little  after a a couple of long walks and a few drinks in one of the many pubs in Stow- and then it’s back to London.


Mushroom seat
Mushroom seat

Next walk is with the map my walk extraordinaire the Cockney Mole. We are trying a new walk from Lewes to the coast…. So until next time, put one foot in front of the other and keep on keeping on..