200 flights cancelled at Heathrow 24/05/2013

Due to an aeroplane having to make an emergency landing. at Heathrow Airport, our flight to Berlin was cancelled as were about 200 other flights .We were told we would not get a flight that day &  sent away from the airport  in a state of disbelief, feeling dismal.Arriving back at Brixton in the pouring cold rain was a miserable way to begin our Bank Holiday Weekend,having looked forward  to going to Berlin for what  had promised to be an exciting Gig /Birthday Party. This had been booked six months ago and the hassle of having to get Management at work to agree to the date as other people had also booked it off and the general state of being micro managed at work, I was well ready for my trip.

After a wound up Friday night we decided that on Saturday and Sunday we would at least walk around London , the thought of having to try and get a flight the next day seemed pointless. We had missed the gig ,therefore, we weren’t going to pay again and hang about another airport with thousands of others trying to find an alternative route.

Surely British Airways could have shifted the plane and got some planes out to Europe! So close yet so far! It’s not like it was a major catastrophe just a fault in one of the planes engines.

I’ve never known anything like it. They could have shifted the said plane to a garage and got the other planes moving. Ok what do I know about policies and procedures but  accidents happen and they need to be dealt with. What to do in an Emergency by British Airways! Have they not  got a copy!!!!

I wont’ book with British Airways again..

The Cockney Mole and I walked 10 miles on Saturday, starting at  Aldgate in the East End, I had thought maybe we could meet up with the South Bank Walkers who were following Jack the Ripper’s trail through Victorian London’s sinister East End but somehow got off at the wrong station and it was too late. I will spare you the details , but we missed this walk by about five minutes. Feeling a bit jinxed at this point we wandered over to Petticoat Lane Market an area I hadn’t visited for years. Got a few goodies at the market there  then walked through the city of `London  which was really quiet ,then walked to London Bridge, where we stopped off and had a lovely pub lunch by the river. I spotted  a massive dead fish floating downward on a very a fast tide along the Thames It seemed strange just bobbing along being carried on the waves.

We carried on walking over southwark Bridge to Blackfriars  where we stopped for a drink. The sun was beaming at this point and nice breeze blew from Father Thames.We then carried on down the Embankment towards Vauxhall and  walked to Oval and to Brixton . The day out was nice due to the weather, but you know I would have preferred to have been to Berlin seeing things I hadn’t seen before.

A quiet place in the City of London – Bank Holiday when I was meant to be in Berlin (see last post as to why i didn’t get there)

On Sunday I took my book out with me  –Walking Haunted London.

I wanted to test out a short 3 mile walk around St James  & Green Park area. There’s some very interesting stories in the book with plenty of historical references and stop off points. a nice lunch was had at  Shepherds market Mayfair and then a walk back through Green Park, past Buckingham Palce to Victoria train station and back to Herne Hill. It was the best we could do under the circumstances. We tried to get away and just couldn’t , what a blow.

I want to try a few more of these walks and possibly lead one in the Autumn, when the dark evenings set the stage for a good Ghost Walk.




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2 thoughts on “200 flights cancelled at Heathrow 24/05/2013

  1. Missed you here in Berlin too….beyond me why they cancelled all those flights.
    anyway sounds like you still had some positive walking! Give my regards to father Thames!

  2. hey Julie we missed you too! Beyond me why they cancelled all those flights….
    sounds like you still did some positive walking anyway, give my regards to father Thames!

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