A week in politics is a very long time

Don McCullen at Tate Britain


After a week on a Unite Rep education course in North London ( A week in politics is a very long time), I left feeling tired but I am determined to follow through with learning more about workplace issues & what needs to be done. A bit like Brexit, the problems are not easy to solve. But Knowledge is power and teaming up with like-minded individuals is inspiring. I felt inspired by having visited an exhibition. A rare treat these days.

After my experience of the recent Don McCullen exhibition, I still have the images clear in my mind.

DM is well-known as a War Photographer which he hated as a title, as he sees himself as a human photographer. Someone who sees the person and feels their anguish. Some of the photographs are horrific they brought tears to my eyes. He covers most wars of the 21st century; Vietnam, Cyprus, Congo, and Northern Ireland, to name a few. Be prepared to look at the photographs and the person/s humanity and pain. It’s not easy. 

He also photographed London and the North in the 1970s, in Black and white, the extreme poverty is blatantly clear. Some of the Northern Industrial landscape photographs are, nevertheless, stunning.

Remember the phrase, Don’t look away?



I started this meetup group in late October and have taken a few willing victims on my ad hoc walk!

We start at Mornington Crescent, to pay homage to the once-named Music Machine. The building hasn’t changed since the 1900s but it has since gone through several name changes. I prefer to remember it when it was The Music Machine and it was £3 to see 3 bands.! Koko just doesn’t do it for me.!

We then walk over to the old cigarette factory, with its marvelous art deco, and statues of Egyptian black cats. (The Carreras building, now offices ) Then around the corner to a house where WALTER SICKERT’S rented a room and painted many of his paintings.

Sickert one of the Camden Artists, Collective, & a perfectly decent artist, his reputation is somewhat tainted, as he was accused by Crime fiction writer, Patricia Cornwall, as being Jack the Ripper. Recent evidence has suggested it was someone entirely different. Perhaps she should stick to fiction.

The walk carries on down  Parkway over to Grosvenor place & along Camden lock followed by a quick hike up to the top of Primrose Hill. After we admire the views of London and try to name the buildings in the summer haze,  we head back down to Chalk Farm to the Roundhouse and Camden Stables, where I talk briefly about the railway workers and the horse hospital.

Finally, a short walk up to the Fiddler's Elbow, at the edge of Kentish Town, we take a brief look at the second-hand bookshop, 
then make our final part of the journey, to where the walk ends at Camden Market Hall. 
Camden has it all, but for now, I am putting in on hold, to get fit and prepared for my Jurassic Coast weekend
 A few pictures from my Camden Meet Up
mural of Amy Winehouse

AMY WINEHOUSE mural at Camden Market Entrance

camden lock

Along the canal the almost translucent mossy green walls. Make a good picture

Greenpeace Headquarters – No more Business as usual.

I attended a day’s workshop at Greenpeace Headquarters. A great day was had by all, where we learned a lot and enjoyed the beautiful weather at lunchtime out in the back garden.

picture of whitewashed window reflected in pond

Greenpeace Headquarters back garden



Picture of an additional workspace in the garden at Green Peace Headquarters


The Deposit Return Scheme works in other countries, such as Germany, Norway, Austria, and Estonia.

It is a comprehensible solution to the excessive use of plastic bottles. Not only the chance to recycle, but to reuse, again and again. Unfortunately, some councils don’t want to support the scheme as they worry that they will lose money as they will have less plastic collected through their kerbside recycling system to sell.

The industry is also lobbying against the scheme. Seriously, loss of profit for the business is not a good excuse. Greenpeace provided me with information and I will follow through by taking a plastic bottle to my MP with the message to back DRS. 


more on Greenpeace here.


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  1. Great idea Julie and re those plastic bottles I read a very sad story yesterday –

    There seem to be more and more of these stories every day, sadly. And yes it really is all about those greedy corporate people hoovering up money quicker than plastic, trust me I know. There’s a charity called Ocean Clean Up that really is trying to hoover plastic – read more here:-

    And what you can do to help by modifying your own Plastic Trash Stress Disorder behaviour:-


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