All I need is the air that I breathe

 All I need is the air that I breathe. A new advertising campaign from Transport For London A great song in its day

The song is used as part of an advertising campaign to raise awareness of air pollution issues in the capital and the new Ultra Low Emission Zone. Fewer cars means better air.  The campaign features a choir of children singing the famous Hollies hit. ‘The air that I breathe which is a truly lovely song. Living in London the air I breathe in on a daily basis can’t be doing me much good.

The pollution in inner cities is rife,  As a cyclist who works in the inner city, I get blasts of fumes in my face on a regular basis. I get sore throats and headaches as part of the parcel. Getting out of the inner cities & London as often as possible is essential.

Hastings to Rye

Walking to Rye from Hastings recently I clocked up 17.1 miles which is equal to 39,340 steps and 85 floors, a long walk! I can’t pretend it was easy as it was only my second attempt at leading this walk and left most of the decisions to Martin who was co-leading.

The mist at the beginning of the walk didn’t help by throwing us into corners and then having to backtrack. We got there in the end. I think after much thought I prefer the walk to start at Rye and finish at Hastings.  Might try to master that before the summer ends.

sheep relaxing

Happy sheep among the daisies, sitting outside Cambor Castle


We walked in the mist all the way through Hastings Country Park by the time we got to the military canal leading to Rye it had cleared up nicely.


Winchelsea ButteRfly on a Buttercup

Picture of a Winchelsea Butterfly landed on a buttercup, courtesy of Chelin Miller who also blogs http://www.chelinmiller.com



Not a very nice walk to The Lovely Gallery

The  Lovely gallery

Alas, not all walks can be lovely but We were rewarded with cakes and wine and an awesome collection of art by Martin Fidler.



Down to Earth

Down to Earth -Martin Fidler displaying his latest collection http://www.martinfidler.com


Canterbury Trails-Kent Linear Walk

From door to door, the walk added up to 16.5 miles, 24,230 steps, and climbed 25 floors.  We ambled alongside The Great Stour river through Blean woods to the University of Kent Campus. After which we descended into the City Centre and stopped a while for a few beers in the City of Canterbury. A whole day of Sunshine!

Sheep flat out in Cantebury

Came across herds of sheep flat-out.




The Canterbury walk, although long was nowhere as strenuous as the Hastings to Rye, or the Seaford to Eastbourne I led recently.


I‘m determined now to go back and get the  RYE TO HASTINGS ROUTE under my belt. Although since then I have concluded it’s a better walk with the option to stop at Winchelsea. From there we can have a sit down near the beach at  Petts Level before heading towards Hastings, it just works better. Additionally, Hastings is a bit more lively than Rye.  At Hastings, you have a load of pubs and possibly a bit of live music to look forward to at the end of the long walk.

I just need to work out if there’s a way of cutting out the Country Park perhaps going around, I have done variations on this route following other leaders so it’s worth a try.

I’m currently in Newcastle Upon Tyne


Loving it in my hometown visiting The Cluny in Ouseburn Valley and getting out and about up the coast. I will regale you with More tales about that next post, as always at the end of the month every month. 







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