Guildford to Godalming

 Guildford to Godalming

This was probably just one of thost things, but trying to book for the programmed walk Guildford to Godalming, was off the scale in terms of having some kind of mental deadlock! The walk was a doddle in comparison to planning it! A breeze in fact, less than it’s printed 6.5 mile description.  Last weekend in between planning for a job interview I decided I was going to do this walk, & buy the ticket in advance as you do.

It had been a hard week, I needed a walk, & some fresh air, no question about that. I checked in the South Bank newsletter for details of a walk on Saturday and found the Guildform to Godalming walk to be a short enough and near enough walk to manage. 


Breaking Ice

Sometimes it just gets confusing

The newsletter & on-line South Bank Website said to  buy a return to Godalming and get the 9.30am getting off at Guildford  meeting at 10.15am on the 21st of January.  I typed in London Waterloo to Godalming  9.30am. I’m looking but there isn’t a 9.30 train! to Godalming. I called one of the leaders. Yes she tells me, the train is at 9.30am, she is looking at the website and she can see it, she sends me the link.


I tell her I’m looking at it too and there is no 9.30am train from Waterloo to Godalming. Something vital is missing in this conversation, but neither of us have a clue what.!


God damn it where the hell is Godamling anyway? It must be on the GUILDFORD LINE. Well it is but the 9.30am train from Waterloo isn’t going there, BUT  a train at 9am is going to Godalming, another at 10am and so on every hour.I can’t  buy a return from Waterloo at 9.30am to Godalming that stops at Guildford.  Fact.

I have to buy a return to Guildford and a single ticket form Godalming to  Guildford. For those of you still reading, (tell me about it!) please check this out!

How to pronounce Godalming! 

Elocution lesson  of the day folks.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eoh53gOFDXk


Guildford to Godalming


Well as you can see it’s a walk along the river just under a 2 hour walk. In hindsight perhaps I should have looked it up. The way I look at it though, is the Leaders are organising it, I’m just following. My job is to buy the ticket and join in! I am accredited walk leader but I simply don’t know the Surrey area.

It was a short but sweet walk.

We watched a swan take off in full flight along this river, a magnificent sight. I thought about taking a snap shot but it happened so unexpectedly I let it go.

Sweet Bridge en route to Godalming!


It was over far too quickly and I left the group at Farncombe Surrey. A bunch of the group wanted to have lunch at midday. The rest sat by the river to eat a packed lunch. I decided to split & I carried on to Godalming alone.


Guildford Swan Lake


Building Bridges/Burning Bridges?

London Bridges and other walks.

It’s always the same thing, the end of the year. Looking back and looking forward. What bridges are we building and which are we burning.?

Building Bridges or Burning Bridges.?

My blogs are changing all the time-some are full of stories- others are brief and to the point. Well- It’s the end of the year, and as tempting as it is to do a re-run/replay, I think the verdict is still out.  What direction I’m taking? Who knows? Walking about London, I’m still in awe of the bridges I cross.  I very rarely get tired of walking across London Bridges. Looking North and Looking South.

Looking back at Vauxhall


Life may appear to be steady, but in reality is far from it. A big change is well overdue. I have plans in motion and circumstances will change, but unlikely to be at the strike of Midnight on New Years Eve. Oh, if only Cinderella!

I have been writing this blog since 2011 and those of you who know me may understand, that I have a lot of creative ideas I want to explore. Having made a start with various studies and projects, it is a  matter of keeping at it & finding the enthusiasm to carry on. Walking is a big help, it’s a great way to think, unwind and get out in the fresh air.

There are still hundreds of new walks to be discovered and further adventures to be had in 2017. I will be sending out a little Newsletter to some old friends, new acquaintances and others inviting you all to subscribe/comment on my blog. Plans to create a new website in 2017 with different types of writing is on the cards, so let’s see how it all pans out.

In the meantime,  here are a couple of walks done in December.


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The Lake District

The Lake District Autumn 2016

Taking the train from London Euston, I had a quiet carriage front facing seat, which was a good start. The train was heading to Glasgow & was packed. As the train took off I reminded myself that I must go to Glasgow for a weekend. I was headed for The Lake District and was excited.


 I have been meaning to go to the yearly Celtic Festival hosted there every January; the live broadcast of various gigs on Radio 3 is as close as I’ve got to it.

cnv00023 I think I would like to keep going.  Just keep moving on -from one place to the next. Continue reading


New walks & Ventures


New walks and new ventures, somewhere around Berwick Sussex & The Devils Punch Bowl

In my previous blog, I mentioned I was going to try & learn some new walks. True to my words, I went off armed with some printed instructions & headed towards Berwick Station East Sussex to meet a walking ‘buddy’. Finding new walks isn’t always easy, but we have to try.!

Getting to know Berwick in Sussex

Arriving at Victoria early was fine, but I missed my connection from Brighton to Berwick. I had a vague memory of the area. My first walk with the South Bank Ramblers covered this area. Consequently I was late & the pouring rain looked set to continue for the rest of the day. Luckily there was a café/pub right next to the station at Berwick, so we could have a coffee & plan what to do.

Like a lot of new ventures you have to try more than once to make it a success.

My walking companion had a good grasp of reading a map so I happily let her take the lead. I had taken the initiative to organise the walk, but the rain and me being late meant we had to cut it short. I was grateful to her having an ordnance survey map and being able to read it. Miraculously the rain stopped within five minutes of us starting the walk and then poured down again about five minutes before we finished.

Despite the fact we only clocked up just under five miles, we walked over dry hard fields, lumpy  ground and such. My legs the following day; ankles, feet &  calf’s in particular were painful. My feet are usually the problem and they were throbbing like mad having worn the boots from 8am to 8pm . I’m obviously going to have to wear them in.

Devils Punch Bowl and Gibbet Hill  10 mile Hike.

Into the trees

Into the trees  Magic Mushrooms in Autumn         


http://www.meetup.com/Explorer-UK/ Organise regular walking Day trips and weekends. You can book online.

I joined this MEET UP GROUP on line.

Tom will purchase your tickets and lead the walk. It’s a good way to get to know areas and meet people.  40 minutes outside of London from Waterloo we were in Haslemere. 

It was a perfect Autumn day for a ten-mile hike along the Greensand Way to The Devil’s Punch Bowl on the borders of the South Downs National Park.


MAGIC MUSHROOMS- not really!


Caterpillar at the Devils Punch Bowl, beautiful colours, so vibrant.


We enjoyed beautiful views across the Bowl’s natural Amphitheatre before climbing out the other side to see even further from the second highest point in Surrey. Along the way  visiting the Sailor’s Stone and discover its gruesome history, before finishing the walk at a lovely pub a few minutes from the train station.



By the by I like to get inspired through reading.


I finished reading Bill Bryson comical journal about travelling today in the UK, and felt inspired to keep on writing about my days out and walking adventures. 

Neil Roberston (my uncle) sent me this link regarding magic mushrooms!

The Magic Mushroom pics on your blog look like Fly I Agaric. For MM pics see: http://http://www.magic-mushrooms.net/gallery.html#.WBXvZxmnwj0


I knew they weren’t literally magic mushrooms that get you high,but they sort of look Magic. 


Avoir Farewell.



September 2016

In September 2016, I happened to visit a few places. I was in Hastings, Palma and France!


Alligator sand sculpture

 September 2016, was a busy month for me. The above sand sculpture,while crumbling slightly, still looked impressive. This man-made lake is a very relaxing hang out. A perfect place to cool off. A 20 -30 minute walk from Montcuq village.

Lake near Montcuq on a perfect summer day


Fantastic walking area in Hastings


Rye to Hastings, or Hastings to Rye,

Either way this is one of the most difficult walks I have done, and I still haven’t cracked how to do it exactly without the aid of someone else. I’m sure I could do so, if I lived nearer and had time to get to know it. It remains one of my favorite walks all the same. Best done in May or June.

more stories of Hastings/London

Hastings Country Park, bigger than you think



It was my first ever all inclusive holiday. I know I’m maybe the only person on the planet who has never sampled this experience.! I had to try it once and there were many good things about it. Not so much the free bar as the types of drinks you could get weren’t great. Unless you like getting pissed on cheap cocktails.

In the mountains of Palma


The hotel was really good, the pools were nice and the food was plentiful, probably all that free food was too much for me.  I don’t know what it was exactly, I felt a bit imprisoned because I couldn’t walk anywhere really and I felt the main resorts were just full of German tourists out to get totally drunk! Not my cup of tea.  Perhaps if I had stayed in the centre of Palma and just taken a couple of days out at a beach I might have enjoyed that much more. My first and probably last all inclusive type of holiday.

More posts coming up in October, last day of the month, every month.