Sharing Blogs

Sharing Blogs

Sharing blogs with other writers and journalists helps us to create a  writing community.  Online forums are a useful place for writers to connect with other writers, or for those who write a blog.

Online forums are a great place to share information & it is encouraging to be part of a group.  It gives us a chance to open up to a larger and more diverse audience.

We can all benefit from this experience.  Writers often work alone and they do need some sort of feedback. Writers can  be a lonely lot at times.

I think sharing blogs is a good idea. Manjuaga is a devotee to yoga and Buddhism. He also writes blogs that are a joy to read. He is a thoughtful, & natural writer.


It was at The Buddhist Centre called Dhanasoka in Scotland where we met. After the retreat, I read Manjuanga’s blogs.  He lives in Manchester and runs yoga classes on a regular basis. He can be found on twitter.@Manjunaga.


Some of my pictures from the retreat

A rare quiet road

Spring Rites

In his blog called Spring Rites, Manjuaga writes about the riots that broke out in Paris; caused by the Avant-garde nature of the new music to hit the Parisian audience.


The avant-garde nature of the music & the new modern form of choreography caused a riot in the streets of Paris.

Artists such as Stravinsky and Nijinsky taught a new dynamic invention, in which they broke away from old traditions. They created a different type of dance. the audience did not know what to do!


The Punk revolution had the same impact on society.Manjuanga believes that practicing yoga can benefit us all from being rigid and stuck in our ways.

The act of movement keeps us alive and well.

to see more writing from Manjunaga -the link is here.







Westgate to Margate

Westgate to Margate is a nice little walk WALK THE PATH
















 We parked up at Westgate -on -Sea and then walked to Margate along the seafront, heading to the Turner gallery. Westgate to Margate is about a couple of miles or so along the seafront, so a return walk clocks up about 5 miles which is a decent little stroll.

There are a lot of artist’s shops and galleries and it looks set to becoming very modern eventually.  We visited the (Winter Gardens. the right of Margate Town Centre. We checked out the up and coming acts that are going to perform there. Simple minds are a band I wouldn’t have expected to see playing there; but reassuringly they had a psychic show, which is the sort of thing you expect at a Seaside Resort. I always associate fortune-tellers and psychics with sea-side towns; the towns usually being a mixture of run-down, majestic and fun. My kind of town.



I just love this photo of the cat in the window in one of the old small town houses.  

We were convinced the cat was stuffed, we stood transfixed staring at this motionless cat, with closed eyes. We stood there for what seemed like ages looking at it, a woman walking up the hill then joined us!

The three of us were mesmerized -then the cat suddenly opened its eyes!  It was spooky!  What must the cat make of it? Even more strange was behind the net curtain we suddenly spotted the owner who seemed extremely amused at us all standing staring into her window. Luckily she took this with good grace!

Easy walk along the sea-front

Easy walk along the sea-front

I must just add thanks to Justin in Arizona who is a GO Daddy internet adviser who saved the day for me yesterday and rescued me from being without my dashboard! For some reason it was not available and this is the panel where I write my blogs, he assured me he could fix it and he did, I was so relieved.

I have subscribed to Go Daddy to host my blog for another year and would totally recommend them as a host.

I’m planning on learning how to lead walks, starting with an introduction to how to do that in March. I hope to step up the pace in March and get out on at least a couple of walks. All in all, we clocked up about a 6-mile walk, on a really mild day in February, nice and easy does it.

Until the next exciting episode.

Keep it real….



The Author!


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Winter Blues

 It’s January. Anybody got the winter blues?

Me too. I always feel depressed in January. Possibly not getting out on a good walk has contributed to that. The last walk was in November. That is somewhere away from London, into the countryside or down to the coast.

Losing my Mojo!

I did walk to work and back for a week when I thought I had a slow puncture  & I couldn’t be bothered to sort it out. That kind of sums up the bleak feeling. It’s not really achievable to be ‘on it’ all of the time. Some downtime is beneficial. But the winter blues seem to come around every year. I guess the only solution is to go somewhere and get away from it all. Staying indoors all month is a recipe for disaster.

Getting out into the wilderness? Who me? Not I.

A scheduled walk, Sunday the 27th of January has been written off due to snow all last week. Although the snow has gone, the ground will be damp, and as it defrosts it can get swampy.  It is still freezing cold, but at least the sky is clearing and the sun came out yesterday in London.

Phoenix Cinema

So if all else fails there is always the cinema. The Phoenix was built in 1910, the cinema finally opened in 1912 as The East Finchley Picturedrome, part of the first wave of cinema building happening across the UK in the early 1900s.


One of my favourite old art deco cinemas, so off I go to the Phoenix Cinema to see a ballet broadcast live from Moscow. It’s not normally something I would do, and I enjoyed it much more than I could have imagined. It was in three parts with  decent 25 minute intervals . The sets costumes and coordination were beautiful, it was truly sublime. It has been years since I have seen anything so beautiful.







A scene from the ballet La Bayadere. Stunning costumes and sublime coordination.


                    I really must get out more.

Travelling back on the rail replacement service to Kings Cross wasn’t too bad after an afternoon at the cinema; the full moon was shining and I had forgotten how high up it was around Highgate. I have been down in the valley of Brixton far too long, and doing the cycle from Brixton to Camberwell South East London (work) Walking through St Pancras International just made me want to get away more. I longed to jump on the Euro Star and drift away.


So I guess it's time to start really digging out some routes to walk, and planning ahead. January is always the longest hardest month of all. 

Trudging around in the snow to get to work is a drag and those that travel on trains have to endure an extremely bad journey if there is a train at all!  

The Railway Services in the South of England, seem incapable of delivering any kind of reliable service when we get a bit of snow, it just adds stress to the whole month.

I’m personally ready to say goodbye to January and start looking forward to February and planning some days and weekends away.


Until then Happy readers

Adios &  farewell.



London Life /Music Machine

To Quote Bob Dylan, NO- Direction Back Home. 

 I had promised myself that I will do the Regents Canal walk before Xmas this year-but and let’s face it, the canal walk would likely end up in a pub.  Nothing wrong with that as such, apart from getting caught up with shopper’s en route back home. I am going to leave any walking trips until the proper bleak mid-winter, when the air is crisp and clean.  Less crowds, more space. My last canal walk, seemed like a busy highway, and we ended up dodging cyclists, joggers and prams. Such is London life.

Looking back at life in London

I have lived in London since about 1982 starting off in South Kensington, some time in North London, then to New Cross eventually settling into Brixton. I spent the years 1978-1982 going backwards and forwards from Newcastle to London, in those days I took off at a moment’s notice and had sudden pangs of homesickness where I would hitch up the M1. For some years this was my mode of travel. I wouldn’t dream of it now.  That was to be young careless and free. I hasten to add, and skint! and skinny!.

Brixton was a vibrant place back then and there were lots of squats and coops. Perfect for the time. It was easy to find somewhere a bit run down and do a bit of work in it and live there rent free.

A bit of a shambles but when your young you don’t care about things like that or at least our generation didn’t, we thought it was great. I would like to see the artificial reality crew dealing with that lifestyle.!

London Underground

London is a massive place and I probably spent over 20 years going to gigs/trying to get bands together and music generally ruled my life. I’m old enough to remember when you could sit on the circle line ran all night and you could smoke and drink.! I have since become accustomed to avoiding the tube if /when possible, but it is convenient.

1979 In these days you could smoke on the tube and the circle line went around and around all night!

1979 In these days you could smoke on the tube and the circle line went around and around all night!









Much to talk about through the night! This was always welcome after a night in the MUSIC MACHINE .
Typical flyer for the Music Machine..

You got a lot for your money in those days. Plenty of Live music nightly.

I saw many bands at the Music Machine, The Psychedelic Furs in 1979 being a memorable one.

Typical flyer for the music machine.. zoom in and check the prices!! you get to see 3 bands for less than £3!


The last two years have seen me looking for adventures close to home. The world has gradually become a smaller and more expensive place to live. I don’t enjoy travelling in the way I used to.


It’s a toss-up as to what’s worse- sitting in traffic cooped up in  a car, or being held up in a train because of engineering works. I generally walk and cycle if I can. I understand other cities aren’t as bad for congestion but, living in London for all the fun I have had, has the other side to it. It is driven by a power, I don’t relate to. I have mainly lived on the side lines. Seeking out pleasure and fun, while juggling & making some kind of a living. It is great to reconnect with my creative self, while still having a job to pay the bills.



Until next time keep on keeping on.







This Monkey’s gone to Heaven! /Gone to Devon


This monkey’s gone to heaven!” Eh, I mean, this writer’s gone to Devon.

This monkey gone to Devon!


Visiting Devon…

It can be a heavenly place and I have visited some beautiful spots. Unfortunately I don’t get the time to go off when visiting m y brother and young nephews. Perhaps when there older, we can go a bit further afield. I did try to find a walk with a group based in Devon, via the Ramblers website, but there was nothing near to Torquay on my recent visit. 

My brother had told me of a 13 mile walk from Brixham to – Kingswear.

I would be happy for a 3- 5 mile walk on this occasion. A walk I can do from the seafront. Next time I will explore further. 

AFTER THE RAIN comes the sun.



Also, getting back to the feet, I haven’t walked any great distance in these walking shoes I bought recently from Clarks, size 6 and a half!.  

It is a weird one, the floppy toe syndrome! I can’t explain it I really can’t. The podiatrist offered a sort of explanation, which went a bit over my head.   There was some kind of operation that I could have but if it was anything like the surgical procedure to remove a verruca I don’t think I will bother. 

I have yet to get into the habit of strapping my toes together to support them, but the podiatrist did show me how that was done! I will be  taking my ASIC running shoes as a back- up, as they give me no problems at all, they are great but being white not suitable for muddy paths etc.

Pictures from Devon and blog about walk will be on its way too you soon.


The Pixies This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven

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