From Brixton to Belgravia

From Brixton to Belgravia – The contrast couldn’t be more different.

I am thrilled to say I have now finished the canvassing job for the electoral register in the Belgravia/Chelsea and Victoria area. I swear I was dazzled by the sun reflecting onto the whitewashed buildings.  At times I felt completely spaced out! Everywhere was so bright in the winter sun, especially in the mews all secluded and cosy, the mews were a real sun trap. Comparing Brixton to Belgravia may seem a futile exercise but I couldn’t help myself, I like to do that.

"There aint alf been some clever bastards" to quote Ian Dury!

“There aint alf been some clever bastards” to quote Ian Dury!


“Noel Coward was a charmer. / As a writer he was brahma. / Velvet jackets and pyjamas” Ian Dury

An area where Lords, actors, and a mixture of well to do people live; as well as their housekeepers, nannies, cleaners, & doorkeepers. The place is always busy and buzzing with:  builders, cabbies, chauffeurs, and delivery vans.

It has a very uniform feel to it, smart it is yes, clean yes it’s very clean, but it is a bit aloof, there’s nothing actually going on there, other than workers going into the houses to maintain the already perfect houses. Although dare I say, I did come across a few famous names in the area, but I’m not allowed to say who.!

We're secluded in the mews

We’re secluded in the mews


A frustrating job at times. Most of the time it was the housekeepers who answered the doors,

The job seemed pointless after a while and the pay was lousy, it hardly seemed worth the bother. Trying to get results was frustrating.  We are employed by Westminster Council to canvass the area, trying to find good folk at home who had ‘forgot’ to fill in their electoral register form! A t times it just seemed a futile and a doomed mission!

If they hadn’t put their name on the register already, in the main they were unlikely to answer the door to me to fill in the form.  

To console myself I consider that I’m at least walking about and getting some exercise, and I’m seeing something different 

Eaton Terrace

Eaton Terrace


All Done and Dusted

The evening proved to be worse than the day, struggling to see in the dark and getting no answers in Eaton Place! I almost threw the whole lot of paperwork and folders into the street.

White Washed Belgravia

White Washed Belgravia


Mural under Railway Bridge Brixton

Mural under Railway Bridge Brixton

Meanwhile b
ack in Brixton and cycling home from Camberwell, I spotted this mural.



I will be leading a walk this Spring from Brixton to Chelsea ending at the Physic Gardens It is a route I did often when I worked in Old Church Street Chelsea.

Until then I will love you and leave you.



Until next month


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