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SEPTEMBER is a grand month for coastal walks.

I did two Coastal walks this month. You can usually find me heading towards the coast in September. I feel it’s the last of the summer wine before the nights start drawing in. My first coastal walk this September was Littlehampton Starting with a day out walking from Littlehampton to Worthing. Taking a train from Victoria we wanted to venture out to the coast using my 1/3 travel ticket before it expires in October. 


A linear walk along the coast.

It was great to get out in the fresh air and away from London.  Starting from leaving the house to returning, the whole day walk was about 12 miles. This was an easy but long walk. We admired some of the houses along the coastline, considering what type of house we might like to live in if money wasn’t an issue!


The little Haven South Shields

Staying at the Little Haven at South Shields we were fortunate with the weather, as well as being upgraded to the Marco Polo Penthouse Suite.

Travelling up from London on The Grand Central Train to Sunderland, it can work out cheaper going to instead of Newcastle and then just taking the metro for a few quid. We got to the hotel in time for a shower and went out in the evening for a quick drink in The Harbour Lights. All the better for the recently installed full-length windows ensuring a great view. 

After a swift half, we headed down to the famous Ocean road for a meal. We sampled one of the many Indian restaurants, Zeer Cuisine. It was beautifully decorated and the service was fabulous. I sampled a vegan menu, with a selection of various dishes.  A very relaxing evening to set us up for the following day’s walk.

The following day we walked to Seaburn from South Shields.

There was hardly a soul in sight, only a few cyclists and dog walkers.

We were fortunate with the fantastic weather & beautiful blue skies all day.

Catching the bus back to South Shields we took a bus to Market Place and checked out the Ferry Timetable. Then walked up to Ocean Road.

After a delicious fish and chips from the famous Coleman’s fish and chip restaurant. A popular place where it is written upon the board which boat the fish came in!.  After the feast, we needed a couple of hours to rest in the Penthouse.! We were startled by a loud horn, and this beautiful ship cruised by.

We were back up with a spring in our steps. A brief shower followed the cruise liner, as we watched it heading into a big black cloud. Looking out from our balcony overlooking the sea, it was an artist’s dream to see the ever-changing cloud formations

The brief downpour of rain only made the air feel fresher as we ventured back out to sample a few pubs.

A sight for sore eyes! cruising past the hotel

Going going gone….

There is a rich history in this part of town with the docks, river and sea.  

Starting at The Lawe Top in the Harbour lights pub, we first stopped at the two cannons (which according to Newcastle Chronicle are replicas captured from the Russians during the Crimean War, as the originals were melted for ammunition during World War 11.

We walked up and down a lot of stairs on this trip. There are many old steep staircases along & around the Lawe Top. Eventually, two staircases down we were at the Quayside which was unrecognisable to me. As is everywhere near a river, renovations and new buildings made the area somewhat a new area to the one I knew.

We tried half a beer in the Allum House pub situated next to the ferry. Then ventured over to The Steamboat situated by the Tyne close to the Customs house Arts centre. 

It served hand-pulled beers in a cozy lit atmospheric bar; saturated with paraphernalia ranging from Lobster pots to scarves and flags. It was a great pub with a fantastic jukebox, we could have stayed longer but had run out of cash and they weren’t accepting cards. We found a few places that only accepted cash in the area.


shadow on wall


We took the ferry to North Shields to discover a lot of new restaurants had opened up and we enjoyed a lovely walk along the promenade to Tynemouth.

We considered walking to St Mary’s Lighthouse but as we were going out into Newcastle later in the evening, we decided against it. Instead, we had an amble around Tynemouth before heading back to North Shields for our lunch returning on the ferry to the flea market at South Shields

Last but not least, as always it’s great to be back in my home town Newcastle and go out to a restaurant down near the river and visit the Tyne Bar & Baltic. Then back to Sunderland to catch a train back to Kings Cross. I could have done with one more day in Newcastle. Maybe next time

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