Confined to house

Is it so bad to be confined to house ?

Love it or hate it, we have to find ways of amusing ourselves and keeping healthy and sane.  Confined to the house throws up new challenges, but there’s always plenty to do.  Finding new ways to deal with being confined, can be difficult, but once we let go of our habits, be they good or bad; life can be as rich as we want it to be. It’s not so bad to be confined to the house, in fact, it can be quite enjoyable.



 YouTube, is a source of inspiration on all matters existential, or looking for specific exercises to learn, or/and walks.

I particularly like ‘The Fabulous at 50’s‘ videos. She may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but there are hundreds to choose from and I’m sure you will find someone whos’ style you will like.


I used to go to a great yoga class at Brixton Lido overlooking the pool, but the teacher changed his schedule and that was that, it didn’t mesh with my timetable,   Eventually I bought a few DVD’s from the Element collection and a yoga mat, so I’m good to go anytime. 


  • Element the mind-body experience

  • My favorite which I use all of the time is  Element Am & Pm Yoga for beginners. I think I have been a beginner of yoga for 20 years.
  • The PM is great for winding down after work and is only 25 minutes. That’s all I need at the end of the day.


    If you want a better work out designed to get trim then the DVD from the element range. Yoga for weight loss is pretty good.

    We find NEW WAYS to change.

I must say my 45-minute wait in the hot midday sun on Saturday was quite a challenge. Queuing outside of Brixton Wholefood market to get tofu of all things, with the sun beating down on my head, I felt quite mad.!

This pandemic is causing all sorts of strange behaviour ! Just buying an item can take up too much of the day and it gets to the point that you just have to accept that.

I also discovered my local supermarket stocked some of my favorite Biona Organic Products, so that was a revelation. As well they have started doing a 10% discount for NHS workers. As Organic produce is always expensive this is an added bonus.

This time last year I was preparing for the Jurassic Coast walk for Charity 

Jurassic coast


My old post  Hiking along the Jurassic Coastalso My best walks in 2019  

Last year I was also preparing to lead meet up groups as a tour/walk leader.

.2019 was looking exceptionally exciting and the chance of this year coming any way close to fulfilling that idea, is way out of sight.  

I was on a real roll, and unusually keen to try leading urban walks The first Urban themed walk, I did was a Rock n Roller walk in Camden. It was good but will take time to develop

 Revisiting Camden

picture of me taking a picture

I drink, therefore I am, a pun on JPS I think therefore I am- me taking a pic of pub window in Camden


I have discovered someone who is really good at doing themed walks and has a great channel on Youtube.  He is an actor so he has that confidence which makes his tours very interesting. Check out his Bermondsey walk below.

https://joolzguides.com/videos/bermondsey/   Another discovery but not so good is that Since Lockdown, everybody seems to have taken up joggers making a walk in the park very irritating!

A mural dedicated to Richard Burbage. It’s rare to see anything new walking around an area I have lived in for decades.


Due to their being no up n coming walks, I have parked my Up & Coming Walks Page, instead, I have posted a couple of videos.

 A little historic video below, I really like the music.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST-  Marina Abramovic sits in silence for 90 days with no contact up until this point.
 This is the first time the performance artists Abramovic and Ulay have seen each other in 22 years.

It took five years for Ulay and Abramović to get permission from The Chinese Authorities to do their ‘performance walk‘across The Chinese Wall; by which time, their lives had changed. The couple still vowed to do the walk, but instead of marrying when they met in the middle as originally planned, they split up. Oh Well, not every story has a happy ending.


Until next time- keep on keeping on.

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