Counting Steps

  A feast of walks, counting steps, and getting there.

Counting steps has become a daily occurrence. I had bought a pedometer & tested it out walking from Souther Lighthouse  to  South Shields That was a wee walk really, about 6 miles. When counting steps 10,000 steps is equal to about 4 5 miles. Lunch was a real treat in the fantastic ocean road fish and chip shop. We were going to carry on walking & counting steps in Newcastle, later on, that day.

Big Clouds you can almost touch

Marsden South Shields


It’s surprising how easy it is to clock up the miles & inspiring to see we had walked over 30,000 steps in a day.


I spent a lot of time just walking up and down the Quayside & visiting the Baltic http://www.balticmill.com/visit

(There’s always something new & interesting going on in there) followed by a walk in the City Centre & a quick visit to Tynemouth we had clocked up about 12 miles.

Looking at Newcastle from The Baltic



Saturday 8th of April Berwick to  Lewes walk

www.ordnancesurveymap.com https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

 I now had both maps downloaded as the area bordered on two maps & I  brought along the newly acquired physical Hastings Map, which had some of the walk and the second part was on the map I had left behind. Although both of them were downloaded on the phone, the battery was running down rapidly. In the middle of the country it is very easy to get lost. There is very little in terms of signposts and landmarks. Without a map for guidance it is useless.

Future tips for walkers

  • If the walk overlaps on two separate walks, bring both maps’
  • Make sure to have a portable charger, fully charged, and an external socket to use on the train.
  • Have plenty of pockets with zips. I lost my Network rail card on this walk. This meant I had to buy another ticket to get back to London.

In the country

This is not just going for a walk, this is trying to navigate a walk.  The intention is to get to know the area,  so I can lead a new walk.  At this point, my loyal companion & occasional walking partner, summoned up his inner scout & he happily took the lead with the one paper map.

Just get us to our destination.!



We arrived safely back in Lewes feeling somewhat spaced out.

Arriving at our local pub in Lewes,The Lansdowne. We spent a happy couple of hours in true troubadour style drinking a few beers ;with some rock n roll soundtracks playing from the jukebox, to keep us going.


Ready for action and to get out again on a coastal walk. No map was needed for this walk. The path was clear and for a change, there were no engineering works, no strikes,

Starting from Seaford it’s not long before you’re going up the cliffs and it’s as vigorous as I remember. The golf course seems to have cut into some of the cliff tops at Seaford Nature Reserve. This isn’t good for us walkers. We managed to walk it in good time though and had great weather.

Seaford looking towards The Seven Sisters


We had a rest in The Tiger Inn, East Dean Village.The sun wasn’t really strong enough to just sit outside, so  a quick bus took us back to Seaford, to have a quick drink before catching the train home.

After the last walk, we were well happy to have had a relatively easy day out. I was greeted by a surprise as I got back home which really made my day.


The return of my Network Rail Card

I enjoyed the journey home and got back to Herne Hill at about 8.30 pm. There was a small jiffy bag waiting for me in the hallway. I didn’t recogonise the writing and my name was misspelled & the postcode was incorrect.Lo and behold! It was my Travel card holder: with my  Network card, unused return ticket, and Ramblers Membership card. Tucked inside was a wee note to say it had been found.

I was thrilled, someone had found them  & had taken the time to find my address – none of the cards had my address on them.I have since posted back a thank you card and put in a packet of 1st class stamps. It’s always nice when someone does something kind. 

Until Next Time Keep on Keeping On.

I’m leading my annual walk along The Seven Sisters today. I may well do it again later in the year if they are short of walk leaders.


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  1. Lovely pictures from the North East Julie. I love the big clouds. Nice to see Mole too! Keep on walking. Karen

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