December 2022

My mother Morag Robertson, born in Aberdeenshire February 27th 1941, died in France, December 25/12/2022.

A picture of Brockwell Park, taken at dusk, one of my frequent short solitary walks.


My mum struggled with Alzheimers for the last few years. A difficult time for all the family.

Alzheimers was just really starting about the time this photo was taken.


If you are feeling blue, take a walk by a river, or a stroll in the park and keep going until the cobwebs clear

You come to some kind of arrangement with yourself. Life is never perfect but as difficult as it can be, there’s usually a solution.. Grief is something we all face and have to live with, Go gentle into the night. Writing my blog and going out on long walks has been something that has kept me going when I felt like life was useless. I just get up and go now.

Due to Frances regulations to deal with cremations within 7 days of death, I have cancelled my date with Mildreds on New years Day, and instead will be flying over for the creamation on 2/1/2023


In the meantime some pictures from my recent walks in December 2022.

A cold day in Rochester Castle in December


Rochester , a Magnificent Castle


View from Rochester Castle. Fun fair & Christmas Fair at the beginning of December 2022


Another visit to Cahors, Montcuq and Puy’leveque in Mid- December 2022 to visit my mum for the last time.

I was feeling very sad and spent a lot of the day wondering around Cahors, I had time in hand before my coach journey to Puy’L’evque.

Cahors has a lot of character and charm. I have got to know it a lot this year. I loved this old building, would be a perfect location for a restaurant or hotel. If my numbers come up, I will buy it and turn it into a Vegan Cafe/hotel.


Looking over the river lot, where we took our mother October 2022, her last trip out of the home. It was an unusually cold October, but my mum was laughing ┬áher head off about something and we were happy here for a short while. The picture looks empty without her. I arrived in Puy’Levque within an hour from Cahors. The village was deserted, and a lot of the shops and cafes closed down. Possibly Post Covid economy.


Looking out to the River Lot, near the home. Taken in October 2022


A cold morning in Montcuq. I didn’t do as much walking as usual, as it was freezing cold and I was only visiting for 4 days to


I stayed in a hotel in Cahors so I could get an early train into Toulouse, to catch my flight back to London. This was the river walk I did to the train station.


Don’t jump in a lake, find a beautiful river and walk with it.


Plans changed a bit for a long walk in Faversham at the end of December, instead it was a walk around town and looking in a few shops, then a lunch and train back to London. I wanted to try one of the walks in the book I have mentioned several times. Walks for all seasons, check it out on my Inspired Reads Page.

Inspired Reads


Coming up

A 9 mile hike with UK Explorers in January and in February an 8 mile hike from Teynham to Faversham. A walk I did several summers ago and really enjoyed, It will be interesting to see how it goes in the bleak mid-winter


Until next time. Keep on Keeping on & Wish you all the best for 2023..

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  1. Scotland to France what a history and mystery your mother lived.
    She gave you strength of character and a great spirit. RIP Morag Robertson your journey over.

    Thank you for your wonderful blogs. I get immense joy from them. Love and best wishes, graham

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