Eastbourne to Winchester

Eastbourne to Winchester a 100 mile walk across the Southdowns’

Recently I was browsing through my you tube subscriptions. I came across some posts from a crew called WSV, Their channel is dedicated to hiking, mainly around the North and south Downs. They recorded a serieS of walks  between Eastbourne and  Winchester. I watched the first episode of six ,which was walking from Eastbourne to  Alfriston. I’m interested for sure. The questions arising so far are:  where will I get the water from, and will the pubs still be open?



Is it possible to walk from Eastbourne to Winchester over 7 days?

A VERY LONG WALK is on the cards


I think I could and it will take a hell of a lot of planning. I can make vague geographical plans, theres’ no harm in that. Many of my walks have covered the first section of the South Downs.

In the meantime I have to make do with local walks.

Brixton theatre restaurant, I don’t often walk down this bit much anymore. It seems they have stripped some of the veneer to show off a beautiful front window.


A grand old building on the corner of Brixton Road and Coldharbour Lane, sadly, a junk shop underneath it, I can imagine a better world, selling clothes and art.


More pics from the not so mean streets of Brixton.

I always remember a young Irish fella I had met in Galway, He came over to London for a break and I showed him round Brixton. He was so surprised at how civilised it was. He had expected overturned cars and an overall seediness, obviously his views stemmed from the internationally famous Brixton riots;  but this was  around 1995 or so. Things were a bit more upbeat by then.. As well -there have always been ‘posh’ houses in Brixton.

This is a shot without the crowds. Usually at weekends or evenings  it’s like Barcelona in here.!

Early morning shot of one of the arcades in Brixton.


Green life in arcade, closed presently of course.


Ethnic food, lots of international cafes in the arcade.


Empty shop but still you could pick up a free book, or leave one behind.

POP UP BRIXTON. Temporary makeshift units of bars, cafes, and clothes stores. I think this is due to come down soon and may well be the area they want to build some new high-rises. Will check that out later.


The old railway bridge in Market Road Brixton.




It seems there are two schools of thought about Lockdown

Those who are thriving and finding inspiration in lockdown, who are these people?: recluses! writers  artists!?  The second group of people are those (probably the majority) who are not finding inspiration in Lockdown and trying to carry on as if all is well when it isn’t.

The Thames @ Bermondsey taken seconds before the snow came down.




I fall somewhere in-between, to be totally honest. I feel obliged to find inspiration in Lockdown, but despite my efforts to keep fit and mentally sane.  It’s something that I’m struggling with. On the positive. I have enrolled on various courses with Domestika and they are brilliant.

For the first time in my life i have got into water colours and painting.

I have, embarked on experimenting in note pads using paints and pens all new to me. There is a whole world to explore, and I’m taking my own sweet time, just dipping in and out when I feel like it.

I enclose the pic not to say how great I am, just to show that a doodle done in a few minutes without really any skill as such can still be fun.

I see it as a tool and I’m not too worried whether it’s good or not, but to see my doodles in colour is fun.



I left last months post with a question. The post was about places and names.

I looked up the origins of the name on the sign Mary Boast Walk. Rather than copy the information , I have included the link.  Please see below another blogger who knows and loves London.


Until next time, keep on keeping on. I suspect March will see me venturing up the river more often and hopefully a bit further each time. It will be April before I start venturing out of London, and I’m so looking forward to that.


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