Easter 2016

Guildford v Hayes

riversided Guildford

Riverside Guildford

Theres’ no real reason why I should vet one against each other, but I walked  2 Twelve mile circular walks this month Guildford and Hayes. Anyhow Guildford wins no competition.

Water- Riverside /woods -views and good company.

Shapes of trees

Shapes of trees

The UK Explorer’s Group

This was my second walk with this group.


A cold Saturday morning I arrived at Waterloo station a bit early and was surprised to see a massive crowd of excitable cub scouts off on some day trip. They were all – hip hip hooraying and gearing up for some event. I wrapped my scarf around me wondering where my lot were in the station.It was freezing cold and I was thinking to myself why have I got up and out so early on a Saturday morning to go walking in the cold.

Arriving at Guildford station we waited around for what seemed a long time and it felt even colder. Once the full group was together we made off and walked about 7 miles before we stopped off at St Martha’s hill. A steep walk which led to a small church and cemetery, a couple of benches tucked in the walled garden for walkers to take a rest and admire the view. On a better day the caretaker told us you could see Surrey and beyond.


St Marthas hill for lunch break

St Martha’s hill for lunch break


Another walking group stopped by and we said Hello/Goodbye as we parted on different routes. I  enjoyed the Guildford walk immensely despite the cold and damp. I usually prefer walks that are near water. A nice bunch of people and a few conversations helped push me along. We stopped at a pub at Guildford and then back for the journey to Waterloo. I joined the Saturday night crowds as I made my way down the escalator to catch the tube home. My legs were aching  as I did a further half mile walk up my road from Brixton tube station .


From Montcuq to Guildford

Before Guildford I did a few little walks in the Montcuq  South France area some part of it are part of ‘the Way’, a movie as well as a real life pilgrimage. More of that another time. (it’s complicated)


The Way……………..


My stay there was brief  I only walked a few miles in the surrounding area of the village of Montcuq. I dont’ know the place well enough to just take off . It wasn’t the reason I was there.

It must be great to not have to work and just go off on a tangent. I may well do so yet  and be like one of those persons that just drifts into the wilderness never to return!! such is the tedium of my working life. I’m very tempted.

Hayes 12 mile circular walk.

Oh well in the meantime last week in preparation for a walking weekend coming up in April I decided to go on a walk with The South Bank Ramblers group a 12 mile circular walk. I can’t say I really enjoyed it.  It wasn’t muddy and wet which is a bonus but there was too much road crossing, it seemed we went in a wooded area then came out onto a road and did that several times. The leader being an extremely fit walker marched us on at a pace..  The highlight was the lunch at the village of Downe. I resisted the temptation to go into the George and Dragon, a pub where Zippy (Nigel Farage ) is said to drink.


Can you see  the Mad Hatter… in this tree?


Easter Bunny Tree!

Ok- another episode over.

It will soon be time for my walking weekend away in Derbyshire which may include some night walking  (weather permitting.)

I ‘m looking forward to it and hope I have some good walks and pictures to post you all.

Until then

Happy Easter.