The Eden Project


 I Had bought advanced tickets for the P J Harvey Gig at the Eden Project, and that was a good move. The rest of the trip wasn’t planned.

BEE AT The Eden  Project

I had hoped to have a good few days before the PJ Harvey gig, relaxing. I was feeling uptight.

We managed to get to Taunton after about 7 hours from London, Heading towards Somerset on the Weekend of Glastonbury in torrential rain, which made for a tedious journey. There were long queues; I was feeling apprehensive. ‘Britain had spoken ‘and had voted to get OUT of Europe. I had voted to stay in the E.U and my partner voted to leave.! It had been agreed that at some point no matter the conclusion we might be camping at some point.

Looking In -Looking Out


Stopping at Taunton for a night with enough time for a meal and a couple of drinks, we enjoyed a little walkabout in town which was very quiet. There was a sweet little park and the town was smart but not a lot happening.!

A sculpture in the Public Garden of Taunton


The next day heading for Exeter

We had a relaxing day, some shopping & a browse around some of the side streets, and vintage shops. We stopped for a brilliant ploughman’s lunch at a café on the green facing the cathedral. Later that day, we drove down to Torquay for some evening sun and a couple of drinks. We spent a night with my brother and nephews before heading back on the road.

Cornwall my old friend

After a night at Torquay, the next day the rain started again so that put a dampener on our plans to camp near Sennen Cove. Somewhat despondent we stopped at a dismal pub on the road to nowhere.

I was presented with the worst sandwich in the world, ever! I actually took it back. Something I have never done before. But when it comes to food, I wasn’t having it! I will spare you the details!

I have a soft spot for Penzance. 

 For one it being situated near Lands End, it is a lively town with easy access to some lovely beaches and fishing ports nearby. We were lucky to get a B & B at the last minute. The people down there are extremely friendly and helpful,

On way to Sennon Cove

On way to Sennen Cove


After a night in Penzance we made our way to Sennen for a quick dip in the sea, which was  freezing. Then headed up to the Eden Project for a night of camping for the gig. I haven’t camped in about 15 years. It wasn’t great I must admit but I survived!



Despite the ups and downs of the last few days, I wasn’t disappointed with the gig.






Let England shake - PJ Harvey

The band have moved to another level, the set they played was really well choreographed and delivered a range of songs from two recent albums.  It was  extremely moving. Ms Harvey has matured into a slick and cool performer. I was entranced.

Have a listen to the apt named Let England shake track from one of her albums

There’s a really well-written review of the gig worth reading follow this link.


It’s been emotional lately and it’s a must to get out of London as much as possible and in particular to get out and walk.

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Until next time.

Keep on Keeping on

Julie C.




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