Escaping the heatwave

I tried escaping the heatwave, but even in Newcastle, it was hot.

It was so hot in fact everything turned green!  Well, all of my photos. Escaping the heatwave is easier said than done, I kind of like how the heat somehow melted my pictures of sea and sky turning everything into a greeny-blue haze. Trying to get out of the heat by going North, wasn’t a bad idea, but Escaping the heatwave, was proving to be somewhat impossible!

Escaping the heatwave and seeing green!

everything has gone green & bluey green!

Spending time in Newcastle,  South Shields& Northumberland.

The heatwave was more durable due to a breeze from the Tyne or the sea.

Fewer buildings & people do help but the heat was still intense. The green shots were taken along the rugged coastline of Smugglers Bay, just passed South Shields. Not quite sure why they came out like that but consider it an art installation moment. Art is anything you want it to be.! A vision!  I’m looking forward to the 250th RA summer exhibition next month,

I love my gigs and always try to see live music when up in Newcastle. 

The Cluny, one of my favourite music venues situated in the  Ouse Valley, tucked in at the edge of Newcastle City Centre, away from the Bars and usual clubs.


I just managed to make the gig on time, due to my train from London being on & a half-hour late. (the heatwave again !)It was an acoustic evening, so therefore seated. In the opening act, Fred Abong sang his own quirky very short songs but flowed well. Headlining was Kristen Hersh who I can only describe as understated perfection! It’s all about the synergy twisting the words to fit the rhythm



I visited Alnwick where my tour guide (old flatmate) led me through Hulne Park

two women painting in Hulme Park

A painters paradise, lush green trees, with a gentle running river flowing by


Hardly a soul about -we walked for about 6 miles before lunch in Alnwick Centre.

The following day we did a circular walk around  Craster, my favourite area. Last time I had visited it was pouring with rain, whereas this visit at the end of June, it was hot enough to swim.  I discovered that behind the castle a five-minute walk to the beach was in sight, with sandy beaches for miles.

My last shot on  35mm film leftover from NYC Gateway to the sea View Outside pub at Craster. A beautiful day, I could have stayed there all day.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Meeting up with an old friend and visiting the Baltic on a hot summer day was a highlight for me. We loved this picture of our shadows.


The Baltic always worth a visit. Theres always an exhibition on.

We came across a project from 2018 called Ceremony

Presented as a large-scale film installation. It follows the artist’s search for a decommissioned 1970s statue of German philosopher Friedrich Engels. As the film tracks the statue’s journey from one side of Europe to the other on a flatbed truck, it starts showing the bewildered faces of the older generation some not understanding why they have to remove it.

It shifts from one sense of history to another. In parallel, it cuts to stories of Collins’ collaborators in Manchester, including a young dancer who struggles to make ends meet, and a factory worker who had to go back to work straight after a stroke.

The statue ends its journey in the centre of Manchester, among the towering new glass and steel buildings that act as alternative monuments to corporate wealth an aspiration for some by no means all.  What would Engels think now?


Also showing was a series of displays and projects, questioning What is the North, to quote Paul Morley in his book The North, “the North that is written is a hallucination as much as it is a history, a non-fiction dream of what might have been rather than a documented expression of the definite” 

Always a lot to think about in the Baltic.




No pre-planned walks at present, but who knows what will come up, Next post end of August.

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