Excel/ Docklands & Trinity Buoy Wharf

 Excel/Docklands Trinity Buoy Wharf & London

Walks along the Thames, hold a myriad of possibilities. This particular new route was a delight. Previous to this day I’d never heard of Trinity Buoy Wharf.  It’s always a pleasure to get a bit lost & stumble upon somewhere interesting. I am especially fond of the Docklands.

looking back towards the dome


I took the tube to North Greenwich and a cable car over the river,(fantastic views)

This was my first time ever to venture on the cable car, to the Excel Centre. If you take your oyster card with you on this journey, you can use it the same way you do on the tube or Thames Ferry.

The lure of the sun and river pulled me back out, of the conference centre.

As I sat out on the steps eating my lunch I noted there was a bridge that you could walk over. It was the Queen Victoria Dock Bridge. This took me along a very quiet residential area alongside the river.

Then I veered towards the industrial part of the area, not quite knowing where I was going, but I did recognise some of the more industrial parts from a previous walk.

I eventually found a path alongside a busy road that was directing me towards Canary Wharf & East India Docks
Trinity Buoy Wharf

I slipped off the main road and found myself in this little nook. It is part residential, and overall industrial, it hosts an artistic hub. For further information about workplaces see below.

Look at

The other side of the sculputre music vibe man

The other side of the sculpture music vibe man


This instrument picks up on the rhythms of the tide and chimes music, I would have loved to have been there at night on a full moon.

They do have a café where live music is played but you need to book well in advance as it is a tiny space.

To the left of it is an instrument that reads the moon tides.

To the left of this strange-looking sculpture is an instrument that reads the moon tides



The entrance to the Wharf has a varied display of street art .Sculpure & murals.

The entrance to the Wharf has a varied display of street art Sculpture & murals. 

Walking along the Thames from Woolwich via Greenwich to Blackheath

As always the best way forward is to put one foot in front of the other and there you go. The river walks are my favourite. There is so much life and history along the riverside.

Thames Barrier

Sculpture on Thames.


Old Barge Along River


Until next time, keep putting one foot in front of the other, you never know what you might find.


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    • Funnily enough, I used my camera phone, which I almost forgot I could use, but there were so many subjects, I just had to. Not too bad ey?

  1. Interesting blog. I’m doing the Thames Path walk (not in order and not all at the same time) and have walked a fair amount of the London section but not yet around Canary Wharf. Love the pictures. I also blog which includes my walks, along with a lot of other things. Planning my next walk!

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