Exploring East Sussex

Exploring East Sussex

I have been exploring East Sussex, ever since joining a walking group. Armed with my  OS LANDRANGER map 198, I set off. Although straightaway it’s clear that wasn’t going to be adequate. The map covers some of Brighton and some of Lewes; it went as far as Firle; but not as far as Charleston House -which is sort of where I wanted to go. You might understand I am still getting the hang of maps. Had I done more homework i might have been better prepared. See below for a more definitive guide.

Weather-wise it was a bit grey and looking bleakly overcast.  I had visited a few weeks earlier; it had been snowing so this climate was an improvement.

I was recognising landmarks and getting my bearings in the area. The village cafe was also closed until the 17th of March. It would have been nice to have had a tea break and looked at my map, the reward for my efforts was sitting on a wall by the bus stop to rest my feet.


From a young age, my instinct was to get up and explore. I moved on a regular basis so was keen to get to know the areas I moved to.

I was used to going off for walks without a definite destination. (maybe it’s called drifting )My vague plan today, was as good as it got.

On this day out, I got as far as the end of Glynde village, uncertain as to how to get across the A27 without getting run over.

It was another 5 miles to Charleston. It seemed easier to get the train to Glynde and walk from there to Charleston house from there. Or an alternative plan would be to take a train to Charleston House (is there a train to Charleston house)? and walk back to Lewes which is about 8.5miles.


Frogs, cows, and other friends of mine!

frogs mating near Lewes South Downs

Real cute frogs having a go!


Whilst out on the South Downs, I was on my own and not making any noise I just stuck my head over the railing and these sweet frogs swam towards me,


There were quite a few of them swimming about. It was obviously the mating season. . Confirmation that there is so much wildlife ‘out there’ not something we are aware of living in cities.

Many years ago a frog did manage to get into my garden at Railton road once and was living in a big glass jar that had been lying empty in the garde some time, it was a thrill but a short lived affair!

Being out in nature walking alone gives me time to unwind and let my thoughts run free. Returning from my walk heading towards the Golf club and just about to walk out of the downs back into Lewes, this dear creature waddled slowly towards me.  Really cool.

Animal Welfare

Testing products on animals is one thing I am totally against; as well as factory farming. I walked through the field looking at the cows wondering what sort of life they had, they seemed content from what I could sense. They were out in the fields grazing.

On returning home I eventually worked out how to redeem my code to download the ordinance survey map onto my phone.

I  was about to buy my return ticket for the following week to Lewes to continue my walk, engineering works were scheduled for the next three weeks in the area.

Engineering Works

It just puts a spanner in the works. It makes the day too long. Lewes is near Brighton, getting to Lewes from Brixton is a two-hour journey each way. Add on engineering works, & any other diversions makes for a tedious day.

Off to Newcastle 1st of April.


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  1. Well even when I was partial to a bit of chicken & the odd bit of meat, frogs legs was always a NO GO area for me Neil! I have eaten garlic snails though, downed with large amounts of red wine!! many years ago…

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