Faversham to Whitstable

Walking from Faversham to Whitstable

The walking distance from Faversham to Whitstable is roughly about 10 miles. While heading through Faversham a historic market town in Kent, I felt that I had to come back and just make a day of it. There is so much history in the town, which I didn’t have the time to appreciate. I had a return ticket to Whitstable and that’s where I was heading.

Oyster Bay in Faversham at the edge of the Boat Yard.


After a brief walk through the town, we came to a boatyard

I  came across the walk on The Saturday Walkers group.

You can find a whole range of walks available to download into PDF

The first part of the walk from Faversham to Whitstable was by far the best. Walking through the old ship repair yard out onto the Creek leading further out onto the swale. The landscape changed, it became remote with only the sound of wild birds and the sight of open sky to keep us entertained.

Old timber in the boatyard.

An old railway carriage is suitably rustic with wild weeds growing into it.


Anyone who has read my blogs will know I love old towns and I am especially fond of boats, docks, rivers, and industrial wastelands!

see my blog about the  Excel/ Docklands & Trinity Buoy Wharf

A boat somewhat past its sell-by date lies in the marshy creek broken but still alive as a sculpture in it’s crumbled splendor.

Faversham Creek where the walk really starts.

I love the desolation in this picture, I don’t know why exactly, I think it just feels open and allows the mind to wander- far away from the world of computers, words and rules. Creeks seem to create an atmosphere and I’m sure there are many a tale to be told of adventures and history at Faversham Creek, of which I will explore in my day in Faversham Post later in the year.Two sheep huddled in the bramble, I think they are trying to get some shade; it was unseasonably hot.

A sculpture along the seafront as we head into open sea front at Seasalter near Whitstable.I love this homemade sculpture situated along the sea wall as we walk into Seasalter just before Whitstable

As Andy Warhol said Images are worth repeating. I mention him as I had recently been to his exhibition at The Tate and repetition was his trademark.


Arriving at Whitstable

It was hot and the Old  Neptune Bar on the seafront was crowded. We headed off around the back to a bar called The Smack. I wasn’t keen on it as we had to sit in the back garden with the sun beating on our heads. After walking 9 – 10 miles we wanted some shade.  My favorite place in Whitstable is The Handsome Sam, a great bar where you can drink locally brewed, beers, ciders, and wine.


Newcastle Upon Tyne In lockdown,

Yet another plan ruined. My next port of call was to visit South Shields, Northumberland, and Kielder forest. A long weekend with a couple of long walks, and catching up with friends and just spending time in the North East which I always find relaxing. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, I have to contend with something closer at home. More on that next month probably in the Kent area.





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