Favourite Walks

Margate is now officially on my list of Favourite Walks

I will be putting together my Favourite Walks of 2019 during the Xmas break at some time. I like to look back at what I have done during the year. Coastal Walks are my favourite walks, as are river walks,

They are places I go back to time and time again. For more posts on Margate see the link below or archives. Westgate to Margate

Brightly painted huts along the seafront at Birchington on Sea

I don’t know Irena! -but the sea is on the left, and watch out for bikes and mobility scooters, A friend bewildered by the odd scooter on sea front!



Getting off the train at Birchington on Sea, within 2 minutes you will be at the seafront.

We picked up the high-speed train from Rochester to Birchington on Sea, this is an easy flat walk along the promenade for about 5 miles. The sun was out, the sky was blue, a perfect cold day for a walk

What’s not to like? Lunch at the Harbour Cafe in Margate, facing the sea, followed by a visit to the Turner Gallery, and then a drink at a microbrewery bar; a great place to sit and look at sea and sky while nursing a local brew. It’s so easy to get to from Victoria London on the train.



I wanted to see the contenders for the 2019 Turner prize.

Having recently been shown one of the exhibitors work on someone’s I Phone; curiosity spurred me on. It doesn’t take much persuasion to get me to Margate. My contender for the prize is, Tai Shani’

Her practice encompasses performance, film, photography and sculptural installations, frequently structured around experimental texts

I am a word person and love the spoken word, as well as the mystical. To see the contenders for the 2019 Turner prize, see the link below.

Speaking of favourite walks, you don’t get much more familiar than walking about Brixton. 

Having lived here for decades, I tend to not hang out so much here, but on Sunday I decided to check out a local event.

Coldharbour 360˚ VR Film and Oral History Exhibition

Last chance to see 14/12/2019 Highly Recommended!

Using virtual reality, we got a trip around the marketplaces, some of the music clubs, & record stores, as well as some brilliant poetry, being recited, shot right outside my flat on the Zebra crossing.

I came out feeling inspired. Looking at Brixton with new eyes & I took a few street photos.

For some time, I had been meaning to take another look at the mural in Brixton station, having listened to an interview about it with the artist on the Robert Elms show.

see link below for more info on the artist.



Granville Arcade part of the indoor Market

black n white/ street Art

Cool thing..Street Photo Electric Lane


Walking the Walk and talking the talk

We decided to take a walk-up Josephine Avenue to Brixton Hill down past the prison, and across Blenheim Walk to see the original Windmill.

The Windmill

I knew of the Windmill Pub/music venue having frequented there for many years and even worked briefly in the bar there, but I hadn’t visited the actual Windmill. It’s about 1 minute from the Windmill Venue!

The windmill is undergoing some major work to transform this site into a visitor/education centre for schools, tourists and the wandering curious. Looks like it could be a good spot on the map for future urban walks.

Walking in my area

At the end of the day, we had ditched the idea to go and do the Isle of Dogs walk and stayed in Brixton.

We walked back down up Brixton Hill, we cut through Tulse Hill over to Brockwell Park, as we approached the Brixton Water Lane entrance, I bumped into an old friend of mine.  it had been a long time, nearly 15 years! so we popped over to the Hobgoblin for a beer and a catch up then stumbled into Khans for a shared meal. 

Until next time keep on keeping on.

Westgate to Margate revisited February 8th 2014 for more writing about Margate see this link.




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