Finding New Walks

Southern Railways


Disappointed that Southern Railways haven’t got their act together yet. Not sure what’s going on with them exactly, but I went onto their website and tried about 5 times to book a ticket to Bishopstone near Lewes, for a 12 mile walk.  If someone has hacked their website it’s not that surprising -but- please sort it out!  The ticket office at Herne Hill was closed on Saturday & usually get a good price ticket from them.  Buying from the ticket machine would cost about £26, but £17.50 on line. I gave up in the end, and opted out. I’m not happy about having missed a walk but will have to make up for it some other way.

I am planning some new walks, & have found another South Bank Walker who has agreed to try out some walks with me around the Lewes area. I have finally bought a new printer  & scanner which means I can scan & email the routes to her and we can get out in the Autumn. It is about time to start planning some new adventures. I have booked for  a week in the Lake District in Autumn. The last time I was near that area in Penrith was the Blue Moon Festival, and we all took some illegal substances, I can’t remember the details but it was either acid or magic mushrooms, and everything was either totally hilarious or really scary.! That was a long time ago. I do remember it being a very pretty area though and Keswick was/is a popular tourist , so it will good to revisit the area.

Revisiting  old places

I’m pleased to say that I revisited the Chelsea Physic Gardens recently, I had mentioned it when talking on the Robert Elms Show on BBC LONDON a couple of weeks ago. I bravely volunteered to present my ideal day out in London on the radio ( a regular feature on his Saturday show)  and the Physic Gardens was my first port of call.

Chelsea Physic Gardens

SIR HANS SLOANE originally from Northern Ireland

SIR HANS SLOANE originally from Northern Ireland founder of the Chelsea Physic Gardens.


I often walk to Chelsea as it’s not a bad walk from Brixton. I had family over last weekend & took them to visit.

The Garden has been running talks throughout the summer on the subject of scents. It was a coincidence that one of the women who came on my Seven Sisters Walk was there as a tour leader &  led a large group around the garden explaining the origins and different sections of plants from all over the world. It is hard to retain all the information about the history and use of plants for medicinal & other uses such as perfume and some cosmetics. So I can only recommend to try it for yourself.


Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet



Sunflowers can cheer us up among other uses

Sunflowers can cheer us up among other uses


phyisicians collection box!

Physicians collection box!

Photography in posts

I have been receiving a lot of marketing emails encouraging me to take up an I PHOTO course.

Initially  I was interested but after a bombardment of emails  reminding me  again & again at a furious rate, I unsubscribed from the pest, but even that didn’t stop them coming in . I had enough and decideded to find out more about I phone photography ,

I called into the Apple Store in Covent Garden. The emails are nothing to do with the Apple company. It is  just some independent guy trying to make a fast buck.

For some time now I have been thinking about developing my photography skills but not sure how or what type of camera to invest in. I thought if someone can build a course on it with over 50 CDS at $99 there must be a lot to learn. I had watched about 2 minutes of his publicity video and felt that the guy was dragging it out somewhat so that’s what prompted me to find out for myself. Result.

I have done courses in the apple store before so was aware they did workshops and classes. I was thrilled to find out they had a

Free I phone workshop.

“Showing you how to compose and capture a great shot. We’ll explore the key elements of photo editing using the Photos app for quick fixes or fine adjustments. Bring your iPhone and follow along as we show you how to enhance your images with built-in filters and features. Then discover all the ways you can share your favourite photos.” They lend you the attachments and take you round Soho to test them out & it’s free!  It’s a start anyway.

While I was out there I popped into the City Lit & enrolled for a course in spring

Scanning our old prints, negatives and transparencies & learning to digitise your images so you can archive or print them. I have hundreds of negatives and old photos that aren’t in good nick and look forward to doing this.

Writing about walking and taking pictures is what this blog is about. I may write a book yet. Just to mention I got mentioned in a book recently by HONEY SALVADORI it’s called Pull it Pull it. It’s all about Brixton back in the days, when there were loads of squats &  taxis would not go there! It’s officially released next month so if anybody wanted to check it out I can give you more details next post.


In the meantime It’s Bank Holiday Monday and I’m out to get some down time. Next weekend I’m off to Faversham festival


Until Next time.

keep on keeping on.