Getting away!

To be honest I’m not great at ‘Getting away!

Can we truly ever getaway?  We can take a break, and have a chance, but not for too long. But this getaway wasn’t pleasing. I need a bolt hole, not a tourist holiday. Sometimes though I do give in or give up. This was one of those times, of having to admit defeat. I was working hard towards designing a new website for a friend, organising a meetup group for other Word Press /website developers and having to deal with a lot of technical problems that were a bit over my head. 


I can’t say this was ‘Getting away’ from it all but I managed to get to Mallorca for a short break & that was what I needed.

 I wasn’t getting anywhere with a new project I was working on, enough is enough. I’m a rover and a rambler, not a tourist!! Admittedly I have my moments and enjoy myself. The hotel was fabulous but I didn’t really take to the entertainment and the cheap cocktails. 


Clean beaches and palm trees, almost picture-perfect. It wasn’t long before the beggars appeared. They were selling stuff so at least we’re trying to do something useful. I wasn’t in the mood for the hassle so I didn’t hang about the beach much.  It’s a bit too commercial for my liking. I prefer hidden beaches!

A bit like this picture of Cate Blanchett Pleasant enough but relevant?

CATE BLANCHET – the face of Palma!?

colorful shop window


STRAY CATS Everywhere


Plenty of food back at the hotel so I made sure the local cats got my portions of meat and fish. I nearly got my hand bitten off at one point, but the cats were clearly starving.


All in all I didn’t get a lot of walking done, a bit but not enough and I can’t say I found anywhere captivating or magical. A dissapointing break.

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