Grayson Perry’s house

Along the stour Estuary to Grayson Perry’s house



Sorry to disappoint but on this occasion I bypassed the house designed by Grayson Perry. I called this walk Grayson Perry’s house, as the house he designed  is really the icing on the cake, and should have been the interesting surprise at the end of the walk.

The walk does have other treats inbetween, and is varied in it’s landscape and countryside.

It was a nice enough day weather wise ,a bit on the cold side but blue skies everywhere. WE stopped for a break in Manningtree and it being a Saturday there was a market on selling vintage stuff and there were plenty of cafes for lunch.



Following the vague instructions was challenging. Towards the end of the walk I had put the instructions away as I thought I knew that bit.

The print out route I was reading didn’t follow the walk I remembered ; part of it meanders along an estuary, looking out towards Harwich. Having remembered  the beach huts I then turned off from the nature resort and went down the stairs to follow the route near the water. This was the last lap and I took a wrong turning.

I went up hill and turned left and realised it headed towards the station. This bypassed but overlooked Perry Grayson’s house; if we had walked further along the coastal bit, then up hill a bit later it would have led to the house. You can see Grayson Perrys house in this old blog

Places to visit in April

The house that Grayson Perry built, worth a visit. You can also put your name down to spend a weekend there (at a price)




Another inconvenient thing about the walk is that it ends at Wrabness which is a small branch line in the middle of nowhere and with an infrequent train service.

Anyhow I was planning on taking a group out walking this route but changed my mind. It was just one of those things. Reading the instructions was far from clear and I had anticipated this happening. Although I was confident that I had grasped what the instructions should have said and made the amendments. I came to the conclusion that the walk and travel time was too long and as I had for some reason scheduled this for a Sunday where trains are even more infrequent.

A lovely spontaneous walk from Kingston Upon Thames VIA TEDDINGTON LOCK


I’m not sure why I haven’t spent more time this far up the river.  It sure was a lovely day. I didn’t take many photos on this walk.


A couple of weeks later I was lucky enough to be given a couple of complimentary tickets to a gig by the Julie July Band who were playing in the arts centre at Teddington. The Julie July Band started as a Sandy Denny cover bands but now write their own material and are a bunch of great musicians. https://www.juliejuly.co.uk/band  I saw how close Teddington  lock was to the hight street and can’t wait to start exploring the area further up river.

Music is always close to my heart and apart from going out on long walks and trying to read other peoples instructions, I want to go to see more live music but I think this year I’m going to go for more classical music.

I am missing out on some amazing classical concert events in Hastings for example . They host events on a monthly basis. It would be good to combine a nice walk and end the day with a concert and a meal! Civilised personified!


I never forget one perfect day in Galway when I went to see a Romanian orchestra live, it was exquisite and the walk home along the seafront was divine. There aren’t many days like that anymore!

Train prices 

As always trying to get out and about on a budget can be challenging. The walking groups usually go out on the earlier train I noticed one of the walks I wanted to do. The walk is a circular walk from Hassock to lewes, cost £33 on the 9.35 train but £2 on the later!! so instead of that I will be attempting some kind of walk in the Lewes area next weekend. The rest of this year will be dedicated to learning new walks on a budget.

Until next time keep on keeping on, In the meantime, enjoy Jah Wobble’s Ukrainian National Anthem, dub style.

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