There’s always something to discover in historic London

This month I attended two London Led walks. The first walk was a refreshing 5-mile circular walk through all the historic lanes & alleyways; in and around, Greenwich. We strolled through the Royal Park taking in the stunning views of London, followed by Christmas dinner at The Café Rouge. You can’t get any more historic London than Clerkenwell which was my second walk of the month.

Greenwich has always been a tourist destination and rightly so. I feel like I have missed out on so much, mainly due to the fact that I tend to go there on Sundays in the summer when it’s too crowded, and never really take the time to visit some of the museums. My to-visit list features the Fan Museum. 

 A winter’s stroll through the paths and passageways of medieval and revolutionary Clerkenwell.

The following Friday I met the south bank group at Farringdon Station, the walk was led by Martin Fidler; Artist and walk leader. Martin knows his history and we covered about 700 years of history in our two-hour walk.

Executions in Farringdon were a regular spectacle in those days.

We stood outside Smithfields which was once a square where executions were held. Then onto t St John’s Gates, venturing into 3 churches, and ending at the library where Karl Marx studied. I will have to go back and visit some places. It was a bit of a whirlwind tour covering a lot of history; being a freezing cold day, & fascinating as it all is, the need to keep moving, meant we covered a lot in a short time.


Back to 2017 & Street Art.

Street art is something I find interesting and have come across a lot of it lately. Anyone that lives in this day & age can’t fail to see the relevance of this Tesco basic brand and its reinterpretation of it. I was walking down Brick lane last week and discovered this sprayed on a wall. Anyone that shops in Tescos that is. I shop all over the place but this brand is particularly ugly and I haven’t bought it. Whether it’s any good or not I have no idea but unlikely. The fact that we have different foods for different incomes is bad enough! A MURAL NEAR PENGE.

I’m not too sure who the guy in the Top Hat is meant to be exactly, of course, it’s Top Cat America’s favourite wise guy, begging for cash, note the Halifax symbol embedded into his coat. Montcuq at Christmas time

It was great to see this in the window of an apartment in the village. A tribute to the passing of JOHHNY HALLYDAY. I  have a French film on DVD, in which Johnny hallyday plays the part of an ex offender, he’s pretty cool. L’homme Du Train, a real sweet film, available on amazon.



Furthermore, this was an interesting sight, posted in the window of the corner gallery-a pop art print of the iconic Marylin Monroe next to the iconic image of Jesus and the cruxificion. 

After a heavy bout of flu & being bed bound, I eventually managed to get out to take a couple of short walks to clear the nasals it was lovely to be able to walk & not see anyone!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, this is an area that many pilgrims pass through on their long walks


I’m spending the remaining two days of the year in Sleeperz Hotel  Westgate Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. I can’t believe I went to school on Westgate Road and am now staying in a hotel here. Out of all my visits, this place rocks like no other and I will never abandon my roots. 

From days when shipping and trading were busy on The Tyne.


Here’s to the Best city in the World.

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Cheers to 2018 & Happy New Year


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