I Can’t Explain 2015!

First walk of the year Wimbledon to Richmond

January sick and tired of you hanging round me – You make me sad with your eyes your telling me lies, Don’t go.Don’t go!” ( Pilot ) –

Anyone who was a teenager of the 70’s would remember that song. I never quite got it. He obviously hates January and January is also a deceitful woman.!  But he doesn’t want her/it to go!

It is finally 31.01.2015 and at the very last moment I have managed to get my 1st blog of the year together. I’m not saying there weren’t any lessons to be learnt in January, unfortunately most of them were a bit harsh and difficult. So here goes to the rest of 2015 -Dare I say improving?

Wimbledon Park


A brisk Winter Walk, I did spot a group of Deers but they were so well hidden among the fauna they cannot be detected in the photograph, so it wasn’t worth publishing. It’s tricky getting good photographs in the winter light.

Houseboats Richmond


Nice enough I thought  but decided to carry on alone a  bit further, I left the group  at Richmond and walked keenly towards Kew Gardens.  Forgetting that the sign post that said a quarter of a mile was not to Kew Bridge, but a smaller bridge, Kew Harbour. Another 2 miles to go it was getting dark and very cold. I needed the cold walk to blow the cobwebs away.  I got to Kew Bridge at dusk and spotted the sign for Kew Gardens railway station &, walking into what looked like a bit of a cul de- sac, I asked directions, having spotted a local with a wheelbarrow, who told me ,I wouldn’t be the first to be asking the same question! Yes you could get there but it certainly was not a direct route . At this point I wanted to get home, just to emphasize dear readers, know your limits when walking… if you do deviate try and remember especially in winter. It gets dark and cold even in London and that means hanging about waiting for buses and trains. It goes without saying that in the winter you aim to finish the walk and get to somewhere before dusk where you can get a nice drink and something to eat.


Went to see the film Wild based on the biography of Cheryl Strayed, a book I have blogged about 27/10 2013.

The film did not convery the depth and breadth of the distance she walks; as films go it was ok, but having read the book, I felt it went for the sentimental story, National Geographic it wasn’t. Could have been better.

I have promised myself to create a new walk to do this summer which means having to get that published in the spring newsletter .I just managed to volunteer and get into the newsletter that covers March to June 2015.  I will again lead the Seven Sisters walk.!

In the meantime it will be second week in February when I get on another walk with the South Bank Group.

A couple of pics from a little walk to Eltham palace

Bridge to Eltham Palace



Eltham Palace- Paying visitors only


Sun in the hollow trunk -Eltham January 2015

Tree Trunk winter Sun Eltham



See You February


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