I can’t explain my feet comes full circle!

I can’t explain my feet is 5 years old, and comes full circle

 I have been writing posts for I can’t explain my feet for five years now. I’m not always sure what I’m doing but I can’t explain my feet came about as a way of journaling my walks and places I visit when travelling about. it can be about anything really but in the main it is about getting out and about .

In June We were driving down to the West Country for some time out, and the news broke that Brexit had won the vote, n the referendum. A feeling of impending doom took over me. This year has been varied and interesting. I have posted some of my best blogs.

Let England Shake!

We had seen PJ Harvey play a fantastic gig at The Eden Project, her newly released album ‘Let England Shake’, seemed appropriate after the news about Brexit! We were on a rocky road, and I wasn’t happy but the gig really felt profound and beautiful.



Here I looked at Lack of social housing in particular in London, I joined an old friend walking from Kennington to Downing Street. I’m not normally up for marching and protesting. Got some great pictures. I also visited The Wellcome Institute in Euston London and saw a fantastic exhibition.  States of Mind


APRIL 2016

A WEEKEND with the UK Explorers’ taking time out to meet a new group. I have eventually joined another walking group and went off for a weekend  Peak District Weekend

JULY 2016

The Eden Project  Cornwall

I would like to dedicate this post to a very dear long time friend from Cornwall.

the forver fantastic Cornishe coastline

On the way to Sennon Cove

Keith Richards who passed away unexpectedly w/end of July 28th 2017. The last time I saw him was at this gig. !

 PJ HARVEY at The Eden Project

The Eden Project

EDEN Project

I met Keith in London in the early 80’s both of us were on some Government Back to Work Scheme;  we became friends as we had a shared interest in bands like The Fall and The Damned!

 He had a good sense of humour & an appreciation of the ‘Dark Side’, When he moved back to Cornwall he kindly put me up on my many visits. He gave me the opportunity to really get to know Cornwall. Keith was a real fun guy unfortunately Chron’s disease finally got him. RIP Keith.

Let England Shake After all the tension pre Brexit, we got a great polished performance from PJ Harvey. You can read the full post in Let England Shake.


I’m going to NYC in September and haven’t visited there since 1986, at that time I stayed in Harlem for a month, the hostel cost me $3 a night, it was the best time ever I loved it.

Until then

keep on keeping on.

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