A walk through Ruskin Park, It’s spring in London

What a pleasure to finish work early, leaving at 1PM with time for a gentle easy walk, home. I cut off from the forever busy Denmark Hill in  Camberwell; into the magnificent Ruskin Park, to walk to Herne Hill. It is a large and popular Edwardian park between Camberwell, Brixton, and Herne Hill, Ruskin Park contains many heritage features. 

It was a welcome change to go on a couple of led walks in London this month.

It’s been a while since I have kind of switched off my brain, and followed someone else. Indeed it was interesting to see how the two different leaders, led their groups.  We all have our own style and set of experiences.

Victorian Walking London Meet up Group

The first walk I went on this month was with ‘The Victorian Walks’ meetup group. It was only 7 miles but it felt vital to get out and walk with a new group in an area I am unfamiliar with.

We started at Walthamstow Tube station. (there are two entrances) check which entrance to meet, and in a group of about 20 we headed off down the high street turning in at William Morris House, the only real part of the walk that had any Victorian theme!; then onto Lea Marshes,  a fairly flat and straightforward route, following along a canal & ending up in Hackney. It was windy and a bit grey but still worth the effort.

It was good to meet some different people in different setting, and a few of us ended up in a pub afterward.

The second walk I went on was a  South Bank Group Urban walk.

pic of water tap feature garden

Water tap feature in St John’s museum garden

A historical look into the revolutionaries of Clerkenwell

A three-hour guided tour in and around Farringdon and Clerkenwell. Led by Artist Martin Fiddler, I was the backmarker on this occasion; herding the group, who kept drifting into the road or straggling behind taking pictures. It’s a fascinating historical area and the second time I have attended this walk/tour. Exclusive to South Bank Ramblers only.!

Discovering plants & the Natural World.

One of my recent growing interests is in the natural world, this has grown alongside my love of walking & discovering new places.

I often take photographs of plants that catch my eye, but I’m not always able to identify them. Writing a blog and publishing online, it is essential that I name my photographs. Knowing what they are called is even more useful!.


 Talking about photographs, last year I was somewhat befuddled on a couple of occasions and managed to lose a couple of I phones.  I have already given myself a good talking to and taken penance; on many a teetotal night as a punishment. To be fair, some of the more stressful events of last year weren’t helped by drinking alcohol, it’s a bit like adding fuel to a fire. Having a break from it all has felt like a much-needed rest.

I will be stuck with the I phone 5 until September.

The I phone 6 took great pictures. I’m sure the I phone 7 or 8 will be even better. I need to negotiate a deal for my next camera /phone. I’ve given up on buying a camera, as they are too bulky when out walking.

For more on photography in posts, see one of my old posts about being stuck in Cahors without a camera phone, or camera.

Writing blogs & Photography in posts




 I started a Meet Up Group towards the end of last year. Staying in with the theme of my blog, I called it I can’t explain my feet ad hoc walks. Introducing Urban Led Walks in London. My first one started in Mornington Crescent, and around Camden, Primrose Hill, Chalk farm area.

What if it all goes terribly wrong?!


I have done this twice now and as yet have the Brixton to Chelsea walk to introduce.  There is a problem in Meet Up groups in that people seem keen to join but then drop out. The verdict is still out about whether to carry on with this.

I have also joined up with Victorian London Walkers as a walk leader.

I had been studying a bit about Camden in the 1900s for my own walk and figured I could somehow incorporate some Victorian History into my Camden walk. Victorian London can be seen in the architecture; all over Camden, the old pubs, and theatres. Camden was unscathed during ‘the war’; apart from a bit of the tube station.! 




I have reached my goal and raised £550 for War Child so  I will be walking the Jurassic Coast over 2 days in May. My priority is to build up my fitness gradually. I want to get in at least three strenuous walks before then. Equally, important is getting rest in between


As always, until the end of next month, keep on keeping on

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