January looking forwards 2018

walk this way


I will be leading two major walks this year, the first one is Seaford to Eastbourne, which is about a 14-mile walk, with very steep ascents and descents, this is scheduled for the 13th of May, further details will be posted onto my Up and Coming Walks page nearer the time.

My second walk on the 1st of June is another long one, from Hastings to Rye, this is a walk I need to practice, and there are a few members interested in learning this with me. Previously I have walked starting from Rye to Hastings, and all of those occasions, I found it to be demanding; especially on a hot summers day. Let’s see how this one goes. I will be doing a practice run for this one for sure.!


Capital Walkers

A London-based group and usually of a younger age than The Ramblers. They are also calling out for walk leaders, and it’s something I may consider an Easter Walk, a favorite walk of mine is Brixton to Chelsea Physic Gardens then finishing at Victoria.

Watch my UP and Coming Walks Page for further details.


Meet Up Group Bloggers

I have eventually joined up with a Bloggers Meet Up Group in Euston, and intend to be a lot more group focused  OR even just getting to know other writers/bloggers.

Walking for Charity?

War Child has asked that I raise funds for them. When I’m  walking along the Seven Sisters in Sussex it seems everybody is fund-raising, these days, and I’m not sure I will have the time to organise this, but it is something I want to look into. I know it’s a good cause & I would like to raise funds, but it’s not something, I can manage right now.


Historical walks in London

LIGHTS IN Charterhouse Clerkenwell.


I did manage to visit Charterhouse and the Museum of the order of St John after returning to Clerkenwell a couple of weeks ago.The area deserves its own post, and I was there on a social/business venture, so it was a case of popping in briefly to both venues. A Post exclusive will beComing Soon.  See my post for December for details of last 2 city walks.

a well-preserved skeleton Charterhouse



Night sky & stargazing is something I have always wanted to do, where better than the South Downs, on a cold clear night. For more information on stargazing activities, this February see my PLACES TO VISIT PAGE  

I love walking out in the countryside in Winter and the nearest I can get to it at the moment is Winter Watch on BBC 2. This time last year, I was walking on The South Downs in Lewes, on a freezing cold winters day, followed by the Best Vegetarian Breakfast ever. Unfortunately, they have been forced to close down due to excessive competition. It is so sad, I was really looking forward to going to this cafe again.

picture of free range eggs, vegetarian sos, big breakfast

fantastic vegetarian breakfast


winter in Lewes http://icantexplainmyfeet.com/destinations-travel/



Until next time, keep on keeping on.

Please feel free to comment, contribute, suggest ideas, all welcome.