Visiting Lauzerte

In February we visited the medieval town of Lauzerte. Although the weather was grey and drizzly it was a treat to visit. My mother has reached the grand age of 79 and that was reason enough to visit her.  She lives in Montcuq. Lauzerte is only about 20 minutes away in the car.

Lauzerte is listed as being one of the most beautiful villages in France. It is a stopping point on the way of St James, otherwise known as The Camino de Santiago; a modern-day pilgrimage.  

Lauzerte on a good clear cloudless day overlooks the valleys and hills of Quercy Blanc.


Les Puits Des Jours

To escape the rain, we headed to the cafe, named, Les Puits Des Jours, perhaps a poets interpretation of the name, could be; A source of spirit for the day, to go and to drink from the well of life! Although a little bird did tell me that, there is an actual well deep down behind the back of the stage!

The cafe is well known throughout the region as a place that hosts Lauzertine evenings. Towards the back of the cafe is a small stage. It is a cozy set up. Anyone who feels like it can get up after the concert to play.

Inside the cafe hung on the walls, you can see a range of musical instruments; interestingly a strange collection of dolls were displayed for sale on another wall.  They are knitted and look a bit like voodoo dolls.

Normally I would take pictures if I was on a walk; with the intention of writing and posting a blog about it.  I was with family relaxing for a couple of days. Although I do wish I had purchased a voodoo doll! 


It’s safe to go in! only a few hippies and musicians lurk there!


Didier Soligon,( Le forgeron) english translation is The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith seat made up of horseshoes; among many of his creations.  Unfortunately due to the time of year his showroom/studio was closed.


A Lizard door handle


The Artist/ Blacksmith has a fantastic massive workshop and it is well worth a visit. He doesn’t open until the Summer like  a lot of French business.

A pretty window with lush green plants


The Lots Valley Region.

Was it a coincidence, that when I opened my emails  I got a newsletter from Joanne Harris ; (author of ‘Chocolat’) who is partly hosting a 7-day tour which includes a visit to Lauzerte.

Joanne Harris will also give a talk about the creative writing process and take part in a Q&A session. It sounds fantastic.

For further info on the France Tour see below


I had been looking forward to two walks, before the news of Corona Virus and the lockdown. One of them was along the Chilterns; but ALL official walks are now cancelled until at least the end of April. So I have to console my self with looking back at old walks. did something similar in  September 2015, you can read about that in A tale of two walks.


I have no idea about where these feet will be going during April and May.

Until next time Keep on Keeping on.

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