Learning to write


 Learning to write and developing a voice

 I started with song lyrics. Then at the age of 30, my ambitions to be a musician were looking slim. So I embarked on the strange world of the mature student. This was the beginning of Learning to write

Developing my writing skills

 Because of my experience at University, I learned how to express an opinion and present a balanced argument fluidly in words. I wrote essays and really enjoyed the process.

Being a mature student didn’t pay the bills any more than playing bass guitar and writing lyrics, with Those Girls,  Hot Wire, and The Jam Dragons. I wanted to play music and to write for a living but didn’t know-how.

Unfinished business here, keep at it and at it.


Writing music reviews

After University I enrolled on several creative writing courses and started writing articles about music. As I had spent a lot of time making music, it was something that came easy to me, but the market for music journalists was/is pretty much saturated. There was no chance I was ever going to make a living out of that, the time had passed.

I did submit an article about one of my favorite bands, at the time called The gun Club.  Rough Guides, the travel guide, ventured briefly into music and used my article,or someone else wrote something exactly the same!; but did not credit me. I was far too naive at the time to have got my work copyrighted.https://www.roughguides.com

Writing Articles, Writing for TV and Radio

 I engaged in several online courses. I’m not sure why but although they provided good guidelines they were not inspiring.

 I missed writing essays but I  didn’t know anything about publishing.

For years I thought about writing a political play but that never happened! I tried poetry and even erotic writing which was a laugh but I could not take that seriously (even if there was money to be made!)

Finding my writing voice!

The message was clear everyone has their own voice! but what was mine?

I subscribed to Myslexia the feminist writing magazine; as well as other magazines, with an overload of information: competitions, writers tips, publishing information, and adverts.  I felt the more I read the more confused I got!

They do say write about what you know.
I started this blog, as I joined a  walking group, and found I could write about all of the places I visited. The two went hand in hand. 

Seven Years later I am still writing a monthly post. The work that goes into writing online is different from writing for a publication, in that you are your own editor and have to learn about SEO and how to write relevant content.


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