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My Inspirational Videos are an ad hoc collection 


I hope you enjoy my Inspirational Videos.This video shows some of the route of the walk from Rye to Hastings, the walk takes a good 6 hours. It is approximately 15 miles, longer if you get lost! It’s good to plan ahead and get there for 11 am at the latest. The walk ends at Hastings which hosts an array of cafes, bars, and restaurants. It’s a great place to end the day.

See my Rye to Hastings post here.Rye to Hastings walk

Joining the Ramblers is a very good idea, you can’t imagine all of the walks available just in the UK.

It’s cost-effective, & good for your physical and mental health. At £3 a month which includes a quarterly magazine and discounts, you can’t lose 

It truly is great to get out. If like me you live in an inner-city, & don’t’ have a load of money to be flying off on holiday every month, it’s a necessity

Last Year I organised some Rural Themed Walks in London as  Meet- Up Group. It had its moments and I really enjoyed creating the Camden walk, but I didn’t have the time to commit to being a Meet Up Organiser. Possibly further on down the line, I can go back to that.


Meet up groups

My Camden Walk Revisiting Camden

Live plant installation from the Laing Gallery Newcastle Upon Tyne, taking while out and about on one of my many long weekends in and around Northumberland.

Installation from an exhibition at The Wellcome Institution Euston. 
There are often weird and wonderful exhibits going on there.