Walking in Eastbourne

I love walking in Eastbourne

I love walking and I love visiting and walking in Eastbourne, I was lucky to find myself on a course for Unite for a whole week staying in a hotel on the seafront.  Was I going to get in some walks while attending a  course? it was winter so the days were short, but I love walking in Eastbourne, The View Hotel is famous for its conferences and hosts many UNite conferences. I had never experienced anything like it as I was fairly new to being a Unite Rep. I wasn’t sure it was my cup of tea, but situations at work had spurred me to get more organised and not to get complacent.  The frequent management changes and attitudes were getting worse, and perhaps just the tip of the Iceberg.


I think like most things you can take out of it what’s relevant to you. I’m not a clique sort of person or really much of a group person, so I got through the class, work some of which was very interesting.


Eastbourne is a special place to me,  it’s a starting point for a very long hike over to Seaford,  a walk I have led several times. Beachy Head is an incredibly cliff head, walking on over the cliffs,  it’s a whole day of open space. After being cooped up in an office week after week, that is like walking in paradise.

The View Eastbourne

Room with a view Eastbourne, staying at The View


Fantastic views, follow the ever-changing skylines 

I know I was here on business, but it was great to open the curtains and French windows to look out at the sea. This is the sort of place I could like to see myself living in, I think to myself, a room with a view, open space, and the sea air. 

early morning walk towards Beachy Head

Walking towards Beachy Head


I jogged the mile to the start of Beachy Head every morning before breakfast then another walk into town before lunch. I also managed to get a little climb up to Cliffs Edge which overlooks the sea heading towards Beachy Head.

Eastbourne heading to Pevensy Bay



I came across this which is situated walking from Eastbourne View towards Pevensy Bay.

Sculpture inspired by ship Wreck


I  found a place on the seafront that did Pilates and Yoga, so  I joined in with an easy yoga/mediation class, before the UNITE final night disco.! Lastly I would just like to recommend a cafe in Eastbourne Terminus place. The hotel was very good but on arrival there was no lunch, so I found this place and had to go back a couple of more times for their delicious soup.

The Taste Bud Cafe on the corner of Terminus Road

The hotel was fabulous but the food was a bit too rich and not the best if you want to eat a vegetarian/vegan diet, which I do.


Great place to spend a night or two.

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