Leaving the comfort zone

 Walking in Eastbourne

I created I can’t explain my feet following a period of being stuck in a rut. I joined a walking group and started going out of London on walks to places I hadn’t really heard of. After a while I did a days training to become an accredited leader and have since been on many walks and led a few. As I always had an interest in writing, this served two purposes, one was having something current to write about and secondly finding walks & getting out there

The View Eastbourne

Room with a view Eastbourne


I’m a blogger not a jogger!

At a recent Unite Womens Week in Eastbourne, I had the privilege of staying at The View Hotel for a week overlooking the sea. The course was full on and we had daily workshops running from 9am-5pm, I was aware that this opportunity had come at a time when I was just starting a Social Media Diploma course and had taken unpaid leave to do the course.

I felt like I was being pulled in two directions. One thing I knew for sure was I was going to have to get out and walk. I don’t feel good if I don’t manage at least 4 miles a day; on average I would say I’m managing 4-5 miles a day but if I can’t manage that, the following day, I try to make up for it.

I have to spend a lot of time reading from a PC.  I realised today as my eyes glazed over that I had to get up and have a jog in the park, I ran 1 & a half miles, which for me is something!; I like to think I can increase that and get to the point where I can maybe run five miles, eventually.

Beachy Head Eastbourne


early morning walk towards Beachy Head

Walking towards Beachy Head

I jogged the mile to the start of Beachy Head every morning before breakfast then another walk into town before lunch. I also managed to get a little climb up to Cliffs Edge which overlooks the sea heading towards Beachy Head.

Eastbourne heading to Pevensy Bay


I came across this which is situated walking from Eastbourne View towards Pevensy Bay.

Sculputure inspired by ship Wreck

I  found a place on the sea front that did Pilates and Yoga, so  I joined in with an easy yoga/mediation class, before the UNITE final night disco.!

Coming Up

I’m off on  a short walk on the 8/12 round Greenwich area then xmas lunch with the Rambler South east group.  

My Blog

This journal is my own personal blog and I do not write or work for the Ramblers Organisation, but I do have a page & upload some of their up and coming walks. Please have a look at it and if you want to join the Ramblers to find groups in your area. Check out

Lastly I would just like to recommend a cafe in Eastbourne Terminus place. The hotel was very good but on arrival there was no lunch, so i found this place and had to go back a couple of more times for their delicious soup.

The Taste Bud Cafe on the corner of Terminus Road