London Cemeteries

 West Norwood Cemetery; Perhaps the least known, but most attractive, of the great Victorian London Cemeteries 

It is one of the seven great London cemeteries established in a ring around the outskirts of London. Within the cemetery, you will see examples of the magnificent monuments erected in memory of the most eminent citizens of the day, which contrast sharply with the small, simple headstones marking common, or public, burials. One of the most famous cemeteries in London is Highgate Cemetery. I did attempt to visit that later on in the month. See below for further details.

West Norwood Cemetery

Its formal avenue of towering limes and the Gothic gloom of the original Victorian planting gives way to paths that recall the country lanes of a bygone era


Friends of West Norwood Cemetery 

The friends are a charity run by volunteers who aim to increase the public knowledge and appreciation of the Cemetery. They hold general tours on the first Sunday of every month, & host special themed tours during the summer; as well they host meetings with talks during the winter. There are further details in their programme of events.

Additionally, The charity raises funds for conservation work and encourages other organisations and individuals to make contributions. It is surprising how much information is on their website and I would encourage people to take a look, using the link below.


https://www.fownc.org/   MORE INFO ON FRIENDS OF THE CEMETRY HERE.


I have two aims this year: one is to get fit for The Jurassic Coast Challenge, and the other is to lead a few walks in London.

Lunchtime walks

In between my work demands and job hunting, I have to maintain some sort of exercise. 
 This has now become one of my regular extended lunch time walks. 

The 30-minute version is also a good walk, as it is up and down The Grove, and a meander through some of the alleyways that are many around Camberwell.

 I figured out, I can walk, extremely briskly up Camberwell Grove (up and down is usually about 30 mins) to the massive sainsburys at Dog Kennell Hill. 
Although this is dooable, it is tight. I can then dash over to the sandwich bar  near the entrance and pick up something quickly.
The store does not have a great selection of sandwiches but it does have a natural woodland space with benches, where people can sit.
It is a great way to get rid of those office chains, albeit briefly.

Pimlico to Worlds End


After my jog around Brockwell Park, I went home to attend to a couple of things, then got ready to go back out to meet a friend at The Tate Pimlico.

We walked from Pimlico along the river by the Embankment to Worlds End & then had a general walk up the King’s Road, including a visit to Chelsea library and a few shops. At the end of the day, my output was a 6.5-mile walk on top of my run, so not too bad for a Sunday stroll.

Waterlow Park near Highgate Cemetery





We just missed out and got there too late for the tour at Highgate Cemetery,

 Another day with a bit more of a plan is needed.  Highgate Cemetry is large and does host tour guides at specific times. All we managed was the shortest walk ever around Waterlow Park. I had done a jog in Brockwell Park earlier in the day, so after my uphill walk from Archway to Highgate, I wasn’t too put out to miss the walking tour. It was getting dark and raining.  I didn’t especially feel like doing the distance. That’s winter for you.



Until next time

Keep at it, whatever it is. I’m feeling a little excited about February. This is a rare occurrence admittedly but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. I’m halfway to my target to raise funds for War Child, see below for details.








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