London in Lockdown


Writing about London in Lockdown has been a challenge.

Hopefully this will be the last post about London in Lockdown. Not managing to get out for many walks up the river, and being restricted  has been uninspiring; London in Lockdown, is London with it’s heart cut out. London is a place of constant movement with thousands of events going on simultaneously. Writing about my five mile radius is somewhat boring. I want London to get back to normal but as well need to Get out to explore and discover new walks, 

After attending a funeral recently where I  stayed over night in another part of London,  the next day a very short walk along the river was welcome.

Walking along the river from Greenwich North on a suitably wintery morning.


They really are combining the Urban with wildlife down here. A place you can see wild birds and Barclays Bank in loving harmony!

 I have been living with a SE24 postcode longer that I care to remember. I’m never sure if I live in Brixton or Herne Hill!

Brockwell park is our very own Central Park that borders on Brixton & draws round to Tulse Hill  going round to the Norwood entrance then sweeps down to Herne Hill. The park has become extremely important over the last few months. For those of you who don’t know Brixton or Herne Hill. I feel compelled to explain how close they are to each other. I mentioned in the last post a visitor from Ireland was quite impressed with the area. Then thought, can I  truly consider myself living in brixton with a SE24 post code!  I really am on the border, which has been said of my general persona; so perhaps I’m in the right place!!

In fact if I walk five minutes up the road from my place, to Brockwell Park at the top of Effra Parade; leading onto Brixton Water Lane (South Brixton/Tulse Hill)  If I turn right out of my house in less than a 10 minute walk  I’m in Brixton Central. Turn left and there is Herne Hill station in 10 minutes.

I found a neat little map of Brockwell Park Community Partners It’s worth a look at what’s on offer, should you ever want to visit. The Lido and tennis courts .As well as the  sheer scope and size of it  is well worth it.

My mother used to write letters to me and always addressed it as Brixton /Herne Hill, London England.

That is about right. Although for many years I lived in SW9 which is proper brixton that was back in the squatting days.  In Brixton Central you will find the: markets, clubs, bars, cinema, crowds and all of that. I took the picture below as I wanted to get a snapshot before the builders painted over it.

Home of the brave. You could come out of Brixton Underground, stroll in 2 minutes, through an arcade and straight into the saloon bar. The Wild West never died here.. I’m glad to see the developers so far have kept the original Bradys aka The Railway sign in tact. It really had it’s moments, a mainly Irish bar with frequent live music lively nights were had by all.

Herne Hill, the new Hampstead

This has a lot going for it. Years ago nobody went there! Now it’s buzzing.

I nearly forgot to mention the poets roads in Herne Hill

Off Railton Road, running up to Brockwell Park, we have residential roads named after poets: MiltonRoad, Shakespeare,Spencer &Chaucer Road. This is most definitely Herne Hill residential at it’s finest.

St James Park

My second favourite park in London. I had an opticians appointment and as it was in Victoria London, I took the opportunity to meet up with a friend for a walk across the park. ( no kissing or cuddling took place! we maintained our distance)


ducks, swans st james park

A freezing cold day in March. St James Park, down among the ducks & Swans




  In 2015 I wrote Out and about in London a simple day of pleasure        click here to read.

Many of my blogs have been about days out in London, but I do want a change 

but I’m not sure where to start. Lockdown is becoming normal and I feel almost scared to start planning.

RIP Eileen Deeks, who enjoyed life to the full & is famous for saying life is for living.

It’s likely most will agree, I’m sure, it is time to start living a little! 


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