walking after an illness

It’s not always easy to go walking after an illness

I had a  tumor taken out of my neck (it was benign but could have grown massive)  it doesn’t prevent me from walking, but still has it’s side effects. My legs were fine, but it takes a lot of energy & planning to get out there. Although my legs were fine, I didn’t feel right. To go walking after an illness, it’s best to mentally prepare.

People can not see your scars. Usually, people are wrapped up in their own thoughts, and cannot see you are feeling a bit vulnerable.

It’s best just to have a chat with a walk leader, in case you feel unwell at any point. My ear and side of the face were numb the wound leaked when I ate. I had gone to my GP after my op, She thought it may be an infection after the op. I went back to the consultant, who so casually said, oh that’s just because we took your saliva glands out! that often happens. The GP wasn’t aware of that fact, neither was I.!  Eating out with others, I felt worried that my ‘face would leak’!. 

At home, I felt safe and it was good to catch up with what other people are doing on-line, other bloggers and in particular the 365 projects (photography) 

After some time at home, I decided to make the most of the late summer good weather. I went for a  really interesting walk with the South Bank Group. A really good bunch of people.  We started at Bermondsey a linear 5-mile walk going through Southwark Park via Rotherhithe,  some of which is by the river onto The Thames Path, with fantastic views of London. Of course, I didn’t have my camera, but I will go back.

Many "nooks an crannies" and historical reference points to the Docks; Russian Dock, Lavender Dock, good old Surrey Docks, to name a few.


So many references and stories were told and someone had some old photos of the Docks from 1969 which was quite interesting. The leader Roger Aylward had an in-depth knowledge of the area and has lived in London for 50 years and in Bermondsey for the last 10 years. It was a large group and a really sunny day, so we meandered at a very slow pace stopping at frequent points for historical talks about the Docks &  just to admire the stunning city landscape.

I am leading my first walk on September 14th.

It is the Seven Sisters walk or the Ups and Downs of the Seven Sisters as it is often called. A linear walk from Seaford via East Dean

Here I enclose a couple of pictures from June of the Seven Sisters

seven sisters cliff walk 

YOU CAN BOOK UP TO 3 MONTHS ADVANCE FOR THIS TICKET BUT CAN ONLY DO IT ONLINE. if you do this it will cost £16.50 and this is for any station from London and any bus service in the south downs way. We need to take a bus to East Dean as part of the route so this is a good deal. email me for further details.

seven sisters cliffs Sussex










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