A day out in Margate with a few twists & turns

After a month of so many twists & turns, it is a wonder I hadn’t lost the plot completely. Lets put it this way, I was close to the edge. ( I will spare you the details!) Of course I needed a walk. I booked a return from BROMLEY SOUTH TO WESTGATE ON SEA, but ended up in Margate The plan was to walk from Westgate on Sea to Margate, but for some reason the train didn’t stop at Westgate- on Sea, I must double check the train timetables for next visit, some go to Westgate some don’t but I’m sure I booked for that particular train. Anyway I got out at Margate instead.

The first sight when coming out of Margate Train /station. Pretty it aint.


I planned to have lunch and then go the Turner Gallery. My favourite cafe told me, the two meals that I actually liked were both off the menu. A couple of doors down, there was a small coffee type place that did a vegan brunch which was nice enough; avocado with a bean type tomato dish.

I am currently taking supplements and take one at lunch time as a routine, somehow it missed my mouth and dropped on the floor and rolled away, I have no idea where it went!! never to be seen again. Was this day going to improve any time soon? I did so need a half decent day out.

Let me get off my chest, it’s been a testing time.

Someone had come into work with cover 19.  I was told to go home in the middle of my working day and not come back until the 23/8 only to be texted at the weekend to be told to come in on Monday,  16/8. I returned half an hour early for work, on 16/8 and I was  told to go back home again until the 23rd.

A job I had applied for and had given up on, decided to offer me an interview on the date I had a planned trip. Having booked the train ticket in advance, I had to make a choice, the interview or a day out!  When I went on line, I realised I had booked the train ticket for the wrong day, anyway! So what the hell. !

Lunch done and dusted I wondered around Margate Shops wondering when my luck was going to change.

shops around Margate

Love Lane, I have mentioned Love walk many times so this is the partner street ‘perhaps.! Nice to call something Love Lane or Love Walk.


If you like local ales, ciders and wine you can’t go wrong here.

I booked a slot at The Turner Gallery, before my visit, but as I hadn’t walked from Westgate on Sea, was an hour early. They were fine about that. 

What a pleasant surprise- in all honesty I had totally forgotten which exhibition was on,  I hadn’t really cared -I just wanted to do something. The theme of one of her exhibits  was called The Disappointed Tourist. (which felt fairly fitting!) I didn’t take any pictures of that exhibit, but did take a couple from her other collection. Tiny miniature landscapes onto everyday places such as garbage cans and old mailboxes.

We live in a world that often feels as thought it is vanishing before our eyes. Places we love disappear. Places we have hoped to visit cease to exist. The forces of war, time, ideology, greed and natural disaster are constantly remaking places that we love but cannot control or save”- Ellen Harvy


miniature landscape paintings on everyday objects, in NYC around Williamsburg and Brooklyn.

After the exhibition I decided I might as well walk to Broadstairs, and took some pictures along the seafront.


It wasn’t till I got close up I knew who this was, at first I thought he looked like that Irish guy from a chat show, but it’s David Attenbourgh.


In your face a load of graffiti.. This is Margate.


Wild large yellow dandelions..

Brave swimmers. I wonder how cold it was.


As I walked merrily along the nature reserve and approached a main road, near Kingsgate Bay, I decided to shoot down into an off track route. I had mistaken it for a shortcut which was in reality, further en route. After walking alone for 15 minutes with no signs in sight,  I realised it was the wrong road. It was an awful feeling until,  I saw someone walking towards me who looked like a rambler.  Relived I stopped him to ask him about the route.

He explained the way I was going was the long way round, but I could get to Broadstairs that way. I was then stuck between walking back to Broadstairs along a lonely pathway the long way or with a complete stranger.


So down the long lonely track I trudged- in what seemed like for ever!.

The messenger,  had told me two things that stuck. Look for Reading Road on the left and donkeys on the right! No donkeys were in sight in any part of this journey! but eventually I  found Reading road. where there was signs of life and a woman answered my question about getting to Broadstairs, who directed me to the train station basically.

Before I arrived at the Railway Station, I did go all round the houses

Google announced me arriving at my destination. Feeling seriously pissed off, I backtracked to the main road near an industrial area and walked down some track adjoined to a kids play area and arrived at the back of the station. At this point I was beyond weary.

Resisting the lure of the many new craft type bars en route, I headed down to the sea front for some air. I got a fix of  energy from a delicious smoothie and granola bar. 


UNTIL next time keep on keeping on


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