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I decided to start this blog about walking mainly because I like writing, and was excited about self-publishing.


Writing online is different as you have to be aware of SEO content. Since publishing this blog for over 6 years, I have learned a lot about SEO, and this has changed my approach to writing. There are so many types of writing. I  first started by writing lyrics, this is useful when getting a band together, but not so useful as a life skill.  At the age of 30, I embarked on the strange world of the mature student.

Here I got the opportunity to write until my heart’s content; my love of writing and reading was a joy to behold.

Alas being a mature student didn’t pay the bills any more than playing bass guitar and songwriting, with Those Girls,  Hot Wire, and The Jam Dragons. I could write a book on the subject and one day may do that. Watch this space as they say.


Writing music reviews

Writing an article about music is fun to do and relatively easy. The market for music journalists was/is pretty much saturated.I did submit a piece of my writing about one of my favorite bands, called The gun Club. I still have the copy.  

Rough Trade published travel guides for those on a low budget. They briefly ventured into the world of music My piece was either published but not credited to my self, or someone else wrote an identical article, or extremely similar!  

Names weren’t credited anyway, but there was a £200 or so payment for published articles. I never got to the bottom of it. I was far too naive at the time to have got my work copyrighted.

Writing Articles, Writing for TV and Radio

 I engaged in several writing courses;  The courses provided good guidelines but were not inspiring. I really didn’t know what to write about.  For years I thought about writing a political play but that never happened! I tried poetry and even erotic writing which was a laugh but I could not take that seriously (even if there was money to be made!)

Finding a voice!

The message was clear everyone has their own voice! but what was mine?

I subscribed to Myslexia the feminist writing magazine; as well as other magazines, with an overload of information about how to write, competitions, writers tips, publishing information, and adverts.  I felt the more I read the more confused I got!

 I bought a few poetry books from Bloodaxe books an independent publisher supporting new writers. I read and listened to John Cooper Clarke the Manchester ‘Punk’ poet.

Writing My blog has taught me a lot

I have reached a point where I have the skills and confidence to try some freelance work. Please get in touch if you want help with getting a blog /article together. I will do a free consultation, and prices are negotiable, but on average about £12 per hour.

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