Me and my blog


I decided to start this blog about walking mainly because I like writing, and was excited about self-publishing.

Writing online Self Publishing and Websites

My first attempt to create a website came about when I bought an I Mac and it had its own software to create a website. I played about with this, then Mac stopped this ‘service’ I was then hooked and ventured to investigate how to set up a website.


Changing Directions and finding ideas

Writing had always been a passion. Previously I wrote lyrics and then experimented with writing music reviews. I had a passion but not an outlet.

Read my blog come out on my walks

I feel that writing generally is a straightforward process and it is something that can be done without any need for any special equipment or relying on any other persons. But yes a writer needs a reader, and I am an avid reader as well, so have chosen to write a monthly blog about walking.

Writing about walking and things along the way


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My other website is designed to be aimed at other types of writing and offering my services to help others set up a website with a blog or just a blog.It is still a work in progress




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