Places to Visit- Inspirational videos

 Ad hoc videos (not all are my own)

This video shows (not in total!) a version of a walk from Rye to Hastings, which takes about 7 hours. It’s good to plan ahead and get there for 11am at the latest. You can then enjoy a couple of beers and something to eat before returning to London. There are so many places to visit, a hundred walks to do. It’ s finding the time to do them all. ! that’s the only issue. I hope you enjoy my inspirational videos. I will continue to look for videos to inspire you to get out walking. I plan to make an inspirational video of my own one day, so watch this space. Places to visit, walks to do. Keep on Keeping on.

As yet I haven’t made a video of my walks, but I do plan to try to do so, one day.!

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